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NameLucas McC

Twitter Usernamethemightykai

XBox Live GamertagLucastake

About Me 

Let me see, I'm a pretty easy going guy by all means! Quite serious to, but have learned to let loose! Anyway I'm a student looking for a career in whatever will accept me!

I love gaming, I think the first console game I played was Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System and then Command & Conquer Red Alert when I was around 7 or something! Ever since then I have played and tried every genre I can get my hands on and consequently found a rather good niche within RTS and FPS, were for instance in Red Alert 2 I was in the top 100 in the world :) (back in the good ole days).

Anyway Ive been with OMGN as a member since the very early stages! Way back when and also a Staff member! Love the site and glad Im still here!

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