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Mission Statement

Here at OMGN, we pride ourselves on one thing: being gamers and movie buffs. That's really all we're about. We like video games & movies and like to write about them. If we had a mission statement, it would read something like this:

Satisfy Your Entertainment Urges

That's not tough, right? Just go play games and watch movies! And if you want to write about them, be it reviews, interviewing people in the video games & movie industries or just spouting off your opinions, then OMGN is for you. A brief history...

Brief History

OMGN originally began as "OMGN: Online Multiplayer Gaming Network." We built ourselves to cover the online multiplayer video game market because in 2002 that market was much smaller than it is today. As time progressed, we changed names to "OMGN: Online Multiplayer Games Network" to better reflect that we didn't actually host any games. Eventually, online multiplayer games represented the vast majority of the video game industry. We also then extended our site coverage to include movies, as many gamers (both on our staff and in our readership) are also moviegoers. This our full site name is "OMGN: Online Movies & Games Network," but we go by OMGN normally these days because it's easier.

In 2010 we archived off our old website, which was intended only to serve as a vehicle for online multiplayer games information. It is available at for your perusal. Really, that's about it for our brief history.

What Joining Us Means

Well, anybody can register a free account and to use the member-only services, such as commenting on articles. But we're not talking about that. We're talking about upgrading your membership from a reader to a contributor. If you want to write when you have time and perhaps get a foot into the journalism industry, then OMGN is exactly what you need. We pride ourselves in allowing people to get a start in video game & movies journalism, even if it's a bite-sized affair that goes nowhere. We're not a big conglomerate, we're just a bunch of gamers and movie buffs who want to write about what interests us.

We understand that anybody can write about games & movies on other websites as reader-contributors, such as GameSpot and IMDB. And that's fine, but we're a smaller outfit with our own styles. You could potentially reach more exposure here. That, and if you're really wanting to break into journalism, then being a site-level contributor rather than a reader-contributor would probably be more beneficial.

We do have a minimum activity level in force here at OMGN in order for staff members to remain staff members. We want to push ourselves to do what we can for OMGN and ourselves and having an inactive staff does nothing to further that end. If you feel that you're up to the task of writing at least one article per week, then we'd really be glad to have you. Note that exceptions can be made for busy weeks, and doubling up one week to free the next is acceptable too. And obviously, editors don't need to write an article per week; they just edit!

Do I Get Paid?

Unfortunately, we're an all-volunteer shop here at OMGN. All of us do this because we want to.

Still Want To Join?

We have plenty of things for you to do to here at OMGN if you want to write or just help out in general. We need writers of all types, from reviewers to regular columnists to those with a nose for news. We need editors and people to go seek out data about the video game and movie industries for inclusion here at the site. If you're interested, then please send an email to Publisher Robert F. Ludwick at . We'll then figure out where you can help out!

Don't Want To Join? - You Can Blog If You Want To

Even if you don't want to join us, you can still register an account and blog to your heart's content.