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Beat Hazard Review

Jul. 20, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Jenner David Cauton

Beat Hazard Review Independent companies often have smaller budgets, which means cheaper, lower quality games, but of course that depends on how you see it.  A trend I noticed is that, usually, it's these type of games where you won't find gameplay of its kind anywhere else. Preety colorrrs. Beat Hazard, made by Cold Beam Games, is an arcade twin shooter.  You've probably played these games before.  Robotron, Geometry Wars, Zombie Apocalypse, etc....

All Points Bulletin Review

Jul. 19, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Jenner David Cauton

All Points Bulletin Review Ever since Grand Theft Auto 3 was released, the gaming industry exploded into a whole new industry of open world games. It also brought itself along a lot of unwanted controversy, but that's another story. Enter All Point's Bulletin, a game that's title at first sounded really odd to me, (until I actually looked up the term, sorry I don't know local police vocabulary), and is made by RealTime Studios, also makers of Crackdown. APB takes the open...

MLB 10: The Show Review

Jul. 10, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Ryan Goodman

MLB 10: The Show Review Every year, a new batch of updated sports games get released for all the major consoles and occasionally, the PC. With these new editions come updated team rosters and the occasional new mode or play mechanic. Well, the latest in Sony’s Major League Baseball games do just that and then some. MLB 10: The Show brings all of the features from previous entries and brings much more to the plate. The gameplay in The Show is pretty simple and...

Final Fantasy XIII Review

Jul. 8, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Final Fantasy XIII Review Final Fantasy is a game series of legend, now with its thirteenth iteration. Gamers have seen the good and the bad come from this series as time has gone on, so does Final Fantasy XIII deliver? Well yes, it does. But it's not spectacular. You may be asking yourself something along the lines of "Why such a late review of this game?" Well, aside from the fact that OMGN does not represent the day job for any of us, we also want to be able to play a...

Uncharted 2 Is Off The Charts

Dec. 6, 2009; Channels: Video Games; By OMGN Staff

Uncharted 2 Is Off The Charts Every summer, a couple of movies stand out as the “blockbuster events” of the season.  Rumors circulate of their over-inflated budgets, high-profile celebrities and abundance of explosions.  In recent years, the hype hasn't necessarily translated to a quality movie: Transformers 2 was (in my oh-so-humble opinion) one of the worst, overly hyped movies of the last decade.  In the world of video games, however, you can...

Batman: Arkham Asylum Delivers

Nov. 30, 2009; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Batman: Arkham Asylum Delivers The general consensus among gamers is that movie- and comic book-based games do not measure up to their primary counterparts. Poor titles are littered all throughout video game history, such as Transformers The Game and Iron Man: The Video Game. Thankfully, Batman: Arkham Asylum is not among them. It is one of those games that occasionally comes along and offers up new hope that games based on a movie license or comic book license can indeed be...

Shadow Complex Review

Oct. 4, 2009; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Shadow Complex Review Sure, Shadow Complex came out on August 19th, which is nearly two months ago. This review is one in a series we like to call the "Lazy Gamer" reviews. See, many gamers don't have time to play through a game all the way through as soon as it comes out. Here at OMGN, we're a lot like you. We don't have the time to power through all of the high-profile game releases right when they come out.So we'll play a game and review it at a pace that most...

Gears of War

Nov. 28, 2006; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Gears of War Every now and then, a game comes along that defines the system is it released for. Halo 2 did this for the original Xbox.Gears of War may be that game for the Xbox 360. While the world will have to wait to see if Halo 3 outperforms Gears of War, at least Gears of War is available to play in the meantime. Gears of War is set on Earth. The human race was attacked in a surprise assault from a group known as the Locust Horde...

Auto Assault Review

May. 19, 2006; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Auto Assault Review Imagine, for a moment, that mankind’s worst nightmare happened — nuclear warfare all over the planet’s surface. Next, imagine the after-effects of the nuclear fallout — a barren wasteland with mutated wildlife and humans. What you are imagining is Auto Assault’s landscape. In addition, if you play the game, you get to drive around and wreak havoc in it.Auto Assault launched for public play on April 13. The...


Aug. 1, 2005; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

FlatOut If you ever get the urge to crash your virtual car and send your driver flying out the windshield, then FlatOut is for you.FlatOut is a destructive racing game for current-generation game systems.The main purpose of the game is to compete in a career racing mode. You can equip your car with upgrades that allow it to accelerate faster and survive crashes better, among other things. But the real draw of the game is the destructible cars and...

Halo 2 Owns You

Nov. 16, 2004; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick

Halo 2 Owns You So we're all aware that Halo 2 came out last week. Yes, one of the most anticipated games every has reached the shelves. How does it stack up? Well, to put it bluntly, it owns you. Everything about you. It owns your money (At least $49.99 anyway), it owns your time, and it owns your thoughts. Your dreams. Your aspirations. Yes, it owns all of them! And why not? It's simply such a great game that you must get it immediately. Halo 2 picks up where...

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