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Blue's News

Blue's News is a gaming news website that is built around a blog.  Other features include discussion forums as well as specific departments such as Press Releases and a LAN Party List. 


Destructoid is a website that is centered around one group written blog.  There are other blogs and a forum that provide a stream of lively conversation about both video and online gaming.

Game Journos

Game Journos is a website dedicated to exposing the unethical and unprofessional nature of video game websites and their staff.


IGN is a catch-all entertainment website with video games, movies and other guy-related content.


Joystiq is a video game industry blog.


N4G is a social video game site where users can submit and share video game news, reviews and more for community consumption.


Nukezilla is a video game critique website based in the UK. It is headed up by John "wardrox" Kershaw. Formerly known as Negative Gamer. Nukezilla takes a critical look at the video game industry, demanding it to be better and smarter.

OMGN Archive

The OMGN Archive offers information, reviews, interviews and more on over 1,000 games many of which are of the smaller market variety such as Browser Based Games & Play By E-Mail Games.

RPG Blog Alliance

The  RPGBA or RPG Blog Alliance is a website that features the latest postings of dozens of member blogs that focus on RPG's.

The Escapist

The Escapist is a webzine devoted to covering the world of online gaming.  Emphasis is on the big, store-bought games. 


 Web-Grognards is a website devoted to all aspects of wargaming.  While the emphasis is on board games, there is a sizable amount of attention paid to computer/internet games. The website is updated on a weekly basis. is a gaming news aggregator with social networking functions for ratings and popularity. Built by Nukezilla.

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