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An Elder Scrolls MMO?

News; Mar. 19, 2012; Channels: Video Games; By David Telfer
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Potential, if not inevitable, new MMO to be unveiled later this year?

There are many places in the world of Tamriel that gamers have explored, yet only one game -- the first in the series, The Elder Scrolls: Arena -- has actually let players explore every region. The second installment, Daggerfall, takes place in the region of High Rock. Morrowind and Skyrim, of course, take place in their own regions, and Oblivion takes place in the Imperial Province of Cyrodiil. Yet, there are many areas gamers may not have seen: Black Marsh, Valenwood, and Hammerfell, to name a few.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

All that could be about to change, with reports that Bethesda and ZeniMax Media -- which made the brilliant Fallout 3 -- are working on an Elder Scrolls MMO, dubbed Elder Scrolls Online. Reports are only just coming through despite some job postings on ZeniMax's website -- here and here  -- which have been around for quite a long time, seeking an art producer with "MMO experience" and a graphics programmer who has "previous game industry/MMO development experience" and is an "avid MMO gamer."

As of yet, these reports come from an anonymous source, and questions thrown in ZeniMax's direction have been met with the usual, "No comment." However, there are already some aspects of the rumored game emerging: it's likely to take place during the Second Era of the Elder Scrolls timeline -- see here -- 1,000 years before the events of Skyrim; and players will start as one of three factions represented by a lion, dragon, or a bird of prey (possibly an eagle).

It may be the MMO people have been asking for, and it may be Bethesda's attempt to join the MMO bandwagon following BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, but our anonymous source suggests this is due to be clarified in May. Every Elder Scrolls game has been purely single player, so it seems almost inevitable that the series would get an injection of multiplayer in some format. Already many questions arise -- how will combat and levelling work; who will be the main boss; will M'aiq the Liar feature?

We're just as eager as you to know the answers. Stay tuned.


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