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Beyond Good & Evil Creator Discusses & Teases at a Possible Sequel

News; Nov. 27, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Tyrone M. Cato
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Michel Ancel and Jordan Mechner -- the creators of the Rayman and Prince of Persia series, respectively -- have given fans of the original Beyond Good & Evil (released in 2003) hope for a sequel. BG&E takes place on a futuristic planet in which the world's military fights against an invading alien race, yet the main character discovers a conspiracy between the two.

Beyond Good & Evil

During the presentation at the Montpellier in Game 2011 conference, the duo showed old, pre-rendered concept footage of BG&E2 leaked in 2009. The developers also showed concept art for a potential sequel and recounted Ancel's trip to India for artistic inspiration. They've been talking about the game since the last MiG conference, though.

A French BG&E fansite summarized/transposed Ancel and Mechner's words, including that they wanted to mix the modern with the old, similarly to what was done in the first BG&E. For the game, they're trying to capture the feel of a densely populated world with a game engine they claim can create a big, fully accessible city. The game is supposedly going to be released during the next generation of consoles, Ancel, the creator of BG&E, said. 

It's been 8 years since the previous game, which is approaching Duke Nukem Forever levels of "never actually coming out." DNF did eventually show, but let's hope this fares better. 


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