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DOTA 2 Client Leak Reveals Information Regarding Half 2: Episode 3

News; Sep. 20, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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Episode 3 code discovered in DOTA 2 beta client

Often talked about and highly requested but never delivered, Half Life 2: Episode 3 has been long awaited by fans who were faced with a cliffhanger upon completion of 2007's Half Life 2: Episode 2. Valve has been notoriously tight-lipped about the final chapter of the Half Life series, never officially claiming its release, let alone its existence.

Half Life 2

Fans may finally have reason to rejoice as new evidence of Episode 3's existence have recently surfaced. The beta client for Valve's upcoming DOTA 2 was leaked online, and while fans began picking through the code for information, they stumbled upon a string referencing something called “ep3.”

The folder contains code pointing to two new weapons — an ice gun and a flamethrower — along with three elements referred to as “weaponizers” with the names concrete, liquid, and metal. Along with the various code, textures have also been found.

While it seems odd that Valve would reveal a highly anticipated title through an as-of-yet to be released game, this isn't the first time it has done something like this. In the past, Valve has revealed information about Portal 2 through both a hidden ARG and secret information in one of its Steam bundles, the Potato Sack. Time will ultimately tell if this leads to anything, but many fans, including myself, await more news with bated breath.




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