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Bungie Aerospace Fully Revealed

News; Jun. 30, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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Bungie Aerospace will share assets and community with indie developers

No, it's not a Halo flight combat game, and no, it's not some new corporation building Halo-inspired technology. The long-shrouded-in-mystery Bungie Aerospace has finally been revealed, and its identity is ... less dramatic.


Bungie Aerospace is a partner program in which social and media development teams will have first-hand access to Bungie's resources such as and an audience with the Bungie community to garner feedback and play data on upcoming titles.

One of the first of many developers currently working with Bungie is Harebrained Schemes, founded by Jordan Weisman, the former creative director for Halo and one of the leads behind the Halo 2 alternate reality game, I Love Bees. Bungie Aerospace is helping to fund their iOS- and Android-based game called Crimson. No further information has been released about the game other than it has nothing to do with the Halo or Crimson Skies games.




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