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LIMBO Crossing Over to PSN, Possibly Steam

News; Jun. 29, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Tyrone M. Cato
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The former Xbox Live Arcade exclusive rated by SCE Korea, trailer on Steam's server

The eerie 2010 platformer/puzzle game LIMBO, developed by Denmark-based PlayDead Studios, managed to reach 527,000 copies sold on Xbox Live Arcade by the end of 2010. That success led to the game being released on another console, going against previous statements from Dino Patti, PlayDead's CEO.

LIMBO is one of XBLA's top 12 best-selling games of all time.

Sony Computer Entertainment Korea has rated the game, according to the Korean Rating Board. Unless Sony is rating games solely for the fun of it, then PSN users will get to try out one of the most critically and commercially successful XBLA games of all time. 

Of equal interest is the addition of a LIMBO trailer on Steam's server, Valve Software's digital distribution platform. A post on the NeoGAF forums shows how you can download the trailer (which is identical to the the original official trailer) from the software service.



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