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Valve Currently Developing Free-to-Play Title

News; Jun. 21, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Kyle James Hovanec
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Valve head confirms that a free-to-play title is in the works

According to Valve's Doug Lombardi, a new free-to-play game is currently in the works.


Valve, developer of hit titles such as Portal 2Team Fortress 2, and the Half Life series, has recently stated in an interview with the French website Barre de vie, that Valve is working on a free-to-play title to accompany the recent influx of free-to-play titles now available on Steam.

While Lombardi didn't comment on what the title is specifically, conventional wisdom points to the upcoming DOTA 2 as a possible candidate. The original DOTA was a mod off of Warcraft III and the recent League of Legends, a title very similar to DOTA and also free-to-play.




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