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War of the Worlds Set to Invade This Fall

News; Jun. 15, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Ryan Goodman
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Perhaps this game will erase memories of the abysmal movie reboot

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will soon get to experience a whole new take on the sci-fi classic The War of the Worlds when a brand new sidescrolling adventure is released on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN later this year.

The Martians invade again this Fall

This is a darker interpretation of the H.G. Wells classic and will have some starpower behind it, with Sir Patrick Stewart of Star Trek and X-Men fame, lending his voice to narrate the game. It is set in London, and its story will parallel the original 1953 film, while branching out with new characters and sub-plots. It focuses on a man trying to locate and save his family. In order to find them, you must guide him through the invasion, outsmarting the Martian army in any way you can.

War of the Worlds: Screenshot 1

The game is akin to other classic 2-D games, such as Out of This World and the original Prince of Persia. It also looks very similar to last year’s acclaimed XBLA hit, Limbo. It’s being developed by Other Ocean Interactive, which has also had its hand in other recent 2-D games, such as Dark Void Zero. The developer purposely built The War of the Worlds from the ground up, intending to tell a new version of this classic tale by using an old-school feel. Don’t expect this one to be a cakewalk either, as Other Ocean promises to make it one of the toughest games you’ll get to experience this year. You’ll need all the classic 2-D gaming you can get to be ready for the invasion.

War of the Worlds: Screenshot 2

The War of the Worlds will be available to download this Fall.


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