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Rumor: Microsoft's Next Console with EA, at E3?

News; May. 6, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
Subtypes: Rumor
Rumor has it Microsoft's next console is already in Electronic Arts' hands and may be unveiled at E3 this year

A new rumor has hit the web today via the UK video game magazine Develop. According to the report, Electronic Arts already has an alpha build of Microsoft's next video game console, housed inside a Dell PC case. It is common practice for initial console development kits to be housed inside a PC case with all of the console's hardware included. Cases are usually designed later in the console development process.

Xbox 360

While Nintendo has already announced the Wii's successor will appear in playable form at E3 this year, Microsoft has not, as of the time of this report, announced, confirmed or denied anything.

Electronic Arts developers are reportedly familiarizing themselves with the new console, according to Develop's source.

It is believed Microsoft is aiming for a holiday 2012 release for the new console, which would put it in competition with Nintendo's reported launch window for its new console. The rumor suggests Microsoft will pull a surprise announcement at this year's E3 for the new console. However, another report at Eurogamer claims Microsoft will be announcing the new console this year. At this point, nothing is confirmed, as Electronic Arts has declined to comment as well.

Earlier this year, it appeared that Microsoft had begun work on its new console with job postings on LinkedIn that appeared to be related.


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