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European PS3 Import Ban Lifted

News; Mar. 11, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Jason Winstanley
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Amidst other news, Sony have broken through

Sony announced today that the preliminary injunction set by the International Court of Justice in The Hague two weeks ago regarding the importing of PlayStation 3s into Europe has been lifted. It's been reported that roughly 300,000 imported devices were impounded as a result of the two-week injunction. Many are saying that the injunction could have had wider repercussions, as Sony uses its Dutch facilities to import most of the PS3s into European lands.

Sony is reportedly seeking damages from LG regarding the potential loss of sales caused by the injunction, yet this does not mean the battle is won. LG is still fighting a similar case in the U.S., and repercussions still may ripple in Europe.

The dispute involves the Blu-Ray player that comprises a large part of the actual device. LG is claiming that Sony failed to licence parts of the technology the player utilizes that LG has patents on.

So it seems PS3s are now making their way back into European lands, and there has been no word yet on stocks desperately needing replenishment. Disaster closely averted -- for now.


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