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Time of Defiance Shutting Down

News; Jul. 22, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
Subtypes: News
New game, Picaroon, to be launching this winter

Time of Defiance, a game that was one of OMGN's first reviews on our archived website, is shutting its doors. The game will be taken offline at the end of this month to make room for technological upgrades for Nice Technology Ltd. The company says these upgrades aren't compatible with Time of Defiance and that the time and effort required to make Time of Defiance compatible is unreasonable.

The upgrades in question are for the company's newest game coming out this winter, named Picaroon. Picaroon is a similar game to Time of Defiance in that it is an island-based game with vast stretches between inhabitable locations. Picaroon squares the French, Spanish and English against each another in a battle for maritime supremacy to control and hold the only remaining above-water resources.


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