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icemage567 - Jun. 23, 2012 at 10:03:53am

        Minecraft is a online social or a non-social game. Minecraft is, in a nutshell, a building game for young and old players. Coming from a younger perspective, minecraft is a fun game and I think that kids should play this game. Reasons being is that minecraft is a building game but you use things called blocks. Blocks range from many different types like.

  • Dirt
  • sand
  • glass
  • wood(processed)
  • wood(unprocessed)
  • leaves(4 different trees)
  • stone
  • cobble stone
  • ores(coal iron gold lapis redstone diamond)
  • lava,water
  • grass,fern,flowers, vines

And many many more. With a wide variety of objects you could build almost anything you like.But that all the blocks in in a square form so o circles so it limits it a lot. Okay coming off building lets go to circuits. Redstone can be used like wires in the real world. Wires (redstone) can trigger off many different things like dispensers. Dispensers shoot things out like arrows fire stuff like that. Pistons which push or pull stuff (blocks) sticky pistons pull, regular ones push. Redstone doesn't have power when put down it has to be triggered by pressure plates, buttons, or levers. Coming off wires Minecraft can get boring when its the same thing, so every once in a while minecraft makes a update to change up the game for new blocks or bug fixes. With 2 versions (survival where you have to gather the materials) and (creative where you have all the materials). Its fun for yourself but servers (with payed minecraft version) you can play on other peoples servers where you can hang out with other perople and survive or create in two modes with many different plugins (programs) running in them. With that I would say Minecraft is a fun game for all ages.


rfludwick - Jun. 24, 2012 at 11:08:37pm

You know, I still haven't played Minecraft... Sounds like you like the game though. Thanks for sharing! Smile

OMGN: RFLudwick

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