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Pros and Cons of Online Gaming

Feature; Nov. 27, 2015; Channels: Video Games; By Alex McNeil
Subtypes: Editorial, Opinion

Like many areas of life, the realm of gaming has been completely overhauled by the online revolution. Now all games enthusiasts can enjoy thousands of easily-playable games via their web browser or through downloadable apps.

Rather than waiting months for a massive software developer to launch their big-budget game, now virtually anyone can quickly create and release their own games. There are now many more playing options for different audiences, as rather than simply providing shoot-em-ups for teenage audiences, there is an increased demand for older audiences. Such initiatives have made many millionaire games developers.

But what does this mean in terms of playability and quality? Here we're taking a look at how you can enjoy the highlights of online gaming, and avoid some of the pitfalls.


One of the best aspects of online gaming is the sheer speed through which you can play any desired game. Rather than visiting a gaming retailer or waiting hours for games such as Wolfenstein to load[1], online games can simply and instantly be played courtesy of HTML5 and embedded unity apps that have provided a much more attractive way to play games via a browser[2].

Already, games such as have provided an innovative approach to gaming and have gained great popularity through their simple user interface[3]. And with most new mobile phones, tablets, consoles and PC operating systems now having integrated app stores, it looks like gamers are enjoying a much greater flexibility over their gaming opportunities.

Playstation Store


Online gaming also allows you a spectacular choice in terms of titles, genres, and playing styles. A quick trip to the Google Play Games store will reveal an almost limitless selection of games, proving that there's something for nearly everyone. This can be seen in a huge range of puzzle games such as Test Chamber becoming increasingly popular in 2015 due to their ability to provide a suitable form of quick entertainment for any commuter on the go[4].

Similarly, rather than visiting remote and expensive casinos, gamers can now visit sites like Mr Smith Casino's UK online casino site that provides a quick and easy way to win big through games of roulette, blackjack, slots and poker that prove to be a much more convenient way to enjoy the casino format[5]. Whereas the new trend for multi-player online battle arena games has allowed the likes of Dota 2 to become a big part of competitive gaming tournaments[6].

Technological possibilities

Despite the clear benefits of online gaming, there remain a few issues for it to overcome before it can truly overtake the traditional console gaming format. Key amongst these is the fact that the next-gen consoles are now offering an incredible level of quality in terms of graphics and playability.

Games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain for their open-world formats that provide a near-endless range of playing options[7]. And whilst browser-based games are showing impressive growth in terms of quality, the sheer performance and convenience afforded by next-gen consoles will take some beating.

Another issue that faces online gaming is the fact that many online games are of highly variable quality. Because anybody can create and upload their own game, it means that for every success like Angry Birds, there will inevitably be a game like The Mob World that critics savage due to the vast amount of bugs present due to substandard design .


Although the internet has offered all of us a massively increased access to a huge variety of games, it has also provided the average gaming consumer with an array of technological challenges when it comes to keeping up with the rapidly changing face of modern gaming.

However, rather than a distinct boundary between online and console-based gaming, it looks like we are gradually seeing a merging of these two domains in a way that should hopefully provide us with a much more enjoyable and immersive way to game in the future.



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