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Koch Brothers Exposed

Feature; Nov. 16, 2012; Channels: Movies; By Charles Rector
Subtypes: Opinion

Ever since Michael Moore's 1989 flick Roger & Me, political documentaries have gone steadily downhill. Whereas they were once scrupulously factual and accurate to the point of being a bit dull, they are now utilized as an entertainment medium. In fact, some political documentaries have been among the most fun-filled viewing experiences of the year. This is because all too many political documentary filmmakers are throwing accuracy and ethics to the wayside in the interest of the almighty dollar. 

Koch Brothers Exposed

One such producer is Robert Greenwald. Greenwald's documentaries are hard-line left-wing flicks that throw logic and common sense out the window in an effort to smear their targets. Previous Greenwald targets have included the Fox News Channel and Wal-Mart. This time around, Greenwald's targets are industrialists and libertarian businessmen, the Kock brothers, Charles and David. They donate heavily to libertarian causes and promote the vision of a libertarian society. David Koch was also the 1980 Libertarian Party nominee for vice president. Greenwald has declared war on them and has produced a documentary containing an incredible amound of vitriol aimed at smearing them.

For all of their bluster about the Kock brothers' alleged wrongdoing, Greenwald and his cronies in the making of this so-called documentary have committed their own misdeeds, such as false advertising. The movie's advertising claims that former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower is one of the folks featured in this flick. However, Hightower is not in the movie at all. This is especially bad because Hightower is an individual whose track record gives him much more credibility than any of the people who were actually in this production.

Perhaps the worst part of this documentary came when it attacked the Koch brothers for donating $500 million for prostrate cancer treatment and research. This includes $100 million that was donated to create the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at the MIT. Yes, you read that right. According to the movie, the Koch brothers only made these donations after David Koch was diagnosed as having prostrate cancer himself, as if that was outrageous or something. One of the talking heads in this flick claimed that it was unfair for David Koch to be able to pay for his own cancer treatment when so many others cannot do so.

That comment missed the point of the Koch bothers' huge donations. Those donations were far and away much higher than what it would have been necessary to pay for David Koch's successful cancer treatment. Those donations will allow large numbers of Americans to have quality treatment and for the furthering of research to help lead to a cure for the disease. Far from selfish, the Koch brothers' donations for cancer research is about as public spirited as one can get. 

In then end, Koch Brothers Exposed is a shoddy piece of work. It is an incredibly mean-spirited trashing of folks who are only trying to make America a better nation. The Koch brothers have lived up to their libertarian ideals by funding movements and organizations to increase liberty in the so-called land of the free. Instead, they are subjected to baseless smears by hacks like Greenwald. Koch Brothers Exposed is truly a movie to avoid.


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