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E3 2011: Warlords First Impressions

Feature; Jun. 9, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Jenner David Cauton
Subtypes: Opinion, Preview
From the Atari 2600 to XBL and PSN...
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Warlords is a remake of the Atari 2600 classic of the same name. Just like the original, the game is a clash between Pong and Breakout. Players took each of the four corners of the screen, guarding their castle and protecting their warlord. Anytime the ball hits the wall, a portion of it is destroyed. Players battle it out by bouncing the ball back and forth. The player left standing is the winner.


Warlords on the Xbox Arcade uses the same name, but fully realizes the game's back story with today's graphics. Any combination of up to four players and AI can play in a match and may also choose to play in teams. Each player can choose different warlords, each with different elemental properties. The game plays much like the original, but with a few new twists. For starters, you're now tossing a fireball back and forth. Also, while the left analog stick is used move your barricade to protect your castle walls, the right stick is used to move an additional soldier around the field to further damage your opponents. Your soldier can also collect different power ups which will either upgrade your abilities or hinder your opponents, respectively. In addition, certain events like multiple fireballs can appear in the field. The game can also be used in the traditional birds-eye view, or in a new angled isometric view, with your castle in the center of the screen.

Being able to keep your eyes on multiple parts of the screen seems to be a must in this game. Having to keep your eye on the fireball, the current position of your barricade, and your soldier can prove to be quite a task. Still, it's great fun for lovers of classic games with a twist. A release date of this season is set for both XBLA and PSN.


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