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E3 2011: Sony Presser: Our Thoughts

The staff of OMGN discusses our thoughts on the Sony E3 Press Conference
Los Angeles, CA, USA

OMGN's 4 E3 representatives were in attendance for Sony's E3 2011 press conference at the LA Sports Arena yesterday. Here's our thoughts.


What game are you most excited about? Why?

Robert: Dust 514, hands down. EVE Online is a great game, and Dust looks to be more of the same. The game seems to have a great amount of detail from the smallest battles and territories to the grandest galactic scale. That kind of scope excites me.

Ryan: Resistance 3 looks like a step up from the first two. I also liked that Sony is packing it in with the 3-D monitor. The prospect of playing a two-player deathmatch on that monitor looks very promising!

Kyle: For me, Star Hawk is was the one that I thought looked most interesting. I was never a huge fan of Warhawk, but the sci-fi setting, the cool vehicles (transformable mech planes!), and the real-time building of bases during combat looks completely epic and chaotic in scale.

Jenner: Infamous 2. The explosions and electricity bolts seemed unreal. I have a feeling the mission editor is really going to make the game have a lot of lasting appeal.


What game most disappointed you? Why?

Robert: Look ahead to Ryan's answer here. We think alike.

Ryan: Ruin for PS Vita. Its presentation was terrible, and the game itself looked more like a rehash of Untold Legends than something original.

Kyle: I guess great minds do think alike. Ruin looked like the very definition of mediocre. Sure, the cloud gaming looked cool, but as for the game itself, it looked boring and uninspired.

Jenner: Ironically, Infamous 2. Not necessarily because I thought it was a bad game, but it seemed more like a waste of time seeing previews for a game that was going to be released the very next day. A full-on disappointment? Ruin. Not enough of the game was shown to make me not want to buy Diablo 3 instead.



What were your expectations for the conference?

Robert: I was expecting Sony to detail how it was making its network infrastructure secure in an effort to regain consumers' trust. Aside from a brief apology, Sony plowed forward, instead focusing on its exclusives. I was surprised.

Ryan: I expected Sony to fully address the PSN hacking situation. I also expected it to fully unveil the new portable console, plus a strong PS3 lineup. I was also hoping for a curve ball out of nowhere that would shock everybody.

Kyle: I was fully expecting some big name third party titles to be mentioned such as Dark Souls and Final Fantasy XIII-2 to be shown, but besides a few glimpses of some titles, the majority focused on Sony's own peripheral line up and the games that used them. Heck, even some first party titles such as Twisted Metal were nowhere to be seen.

Jenner: I was taken by surprise that Sony mentioned any condolences at all regarding the PSN outage. Not that I don’t think they’re not concerned about it; I was just expecting Sony to be really cautious on the matter, by not mentioning anything about it at all and keeping on their toes.


Were you disappointed about anything that was missing?

Robert: A big shocker of an announcement, that's what. Sony was pretty lacking in having an unexpected announcement anywhere in its entire press conference. It was all stuff we were anticipating or could reasonably anticipate. On a side note, another disappointment was having Sony try to hawk Infamous 2, which is already out. E3 should be for new news, not old news.

Ryan: Where was Twisted Metal?! That was the one PS3 game I was looking forward to seeing more of, and it was completely nowhere, sans a couple of montage trailers. It was one of the most anticipated PS3 games of 2011, and it was basically nowhere in sight.

Kyle: Once again, where were the surprises? Where were the unannounced games? Nothing at the Sony conference surprised me in the least. The games that were genuine surprises were also fairly uninteresting. Games that could have been big surprise titles were leaked previously and even the Vita had already had extensive previews of its games. Also some big name first party titles like Rachet and Clank: All 4 One and Twisted Metal were nowhere to be seen. Not even a mention. Very odd indeed.

Jenner: I was a little disappointed Square-Enix didn’t show up, which meant no Final Fantasy XIII-2, or anything else RPG related. There was also a Sweet Tooth head outside of the arena….yet absolutely no mention of Twisted Metal at all. (Except for possibly a quick glimpse of a car shooting missiles I saw in one of the videos.)


What were your general thoughts?

Robert: A big let down. It was too much “Look at what we have that nobody else does!” and little else... It just felt like a broken record. Although seeing some of the usages of 3-D and Move together looked pretty good to me.

Ryan: I think Sony missed the mark quite a bit. It didn't tackle the PSN controversy hard enough, and the lineup of games were subpar at best. I also thought a few of the presentations were very poorly done. A few things did excite me, such as Resistance 3 and Dust 514. Kobe Bryant was also a very pleasant surprise. The PS Vita looks like it has potential, but I think touchscreen gaming has been overdone in general. The software lineup, though, looks very strong. I also like its pricing. The mixed reaction to AT&T being the Vita's wireless provider, though, must have been a bit worrisome for the Sony execs. Overall, I left disappointed and worried about what's next for them.

Kyle: Sony, I am disappointed. Besides no new interesting titles, exclusives, or surprises announced, the lack of interesting uses for both 3-D displays and Move was a major letdown. Not one game came off as utterly interesting and exciting. The Move did nothing to enhance game play any differently than Nintendo has done with the Wii controllers and the same arm-based waggling. The 3-D effects added nothing different game play-wise other than aesthetics. Sony used to be one of the forefronts of new, innovating games, but now all it seems to be doing is “Me too!” instead. I will say that the PS Vita does look interesting, and the price cannot be beat.

Jenner: I didn’t really see anything too exuberantly interesting, to be honest. Not that I’m not excited to play what was coming out, but the comparable difference between Sony and Microsoft floor showings was substantial, with the latter winning. Microsoft really seemed to push its Kinect, and although I still see somewhat casual gaming in it (you still can’t move a character’s feet on your own; still seems on-rails), it has improved a lot. The PS3’s Move, which seems all to similar to the Nintendo’s Wii, hasn’t seemed to improve at all. Instead, Sony seemed to counter Microsoft’s Kinect with … 3-D gaming. Without Sony’s 3-D bundle (which offers a screen of only a mere 24 inches), I feel it’s an expensive and overrated gaming experience.



Tofuzzle - Jun. 7, 2011 at 8:05:34pm

I am SO jealous of you guys. E3 looks amazing this year.

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