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E3 2011: Nintendo Presser: Our Thoughts

We hit Nintendo's press conference with a Magic Hammer
Los Angeles, CA, USA

OMGN's E3 team's impressions of Nintendo's press conference at the Nokia Theater:



What game most excited you? Why?

Robert: Even though they didn't show any screenshots or game play, Smash Brothers was announced for the Wii U, and that's my choice. The idea of being able to use the Wii U controller in a Smash Brothers game environment intrigues me greatly. I've always liked the Smash Brothers games.

Ryan: While I would love to say Smash Brothers, I'll instead settle on Kid Icarus: Uprising. This was the game that got me the most excited last year, and I'm still very eager to finally try it out this week. This is the game that makes me want to get a 3DS.

Kyle: Even though I saw it last year, I'm still excited for the new Kid Icarus title for 3DS. It doesn't seem to have as much in common with older titles in the series, but rather more in common with another Nintendo series, Sin and Punishment and the Sony series God of War. The bosses look huge and the shooting incredibly frenzied. Can't wait. 

Jenner: Really, the overall presentation of the new Wii U was the most impressive. By far the most impressive demo was being able to throw stars from your Wii U right into your TV, and being able to use it to accurately putt in golf. As far as an actual game goes, the comeback of Starfox 64’s awesome multiplayer, and the announcement of Smash Brothers coming back again. “Falcon PUNCH!”


What game most disappointed you? Why?

Robert: This one's a tough pick, but I'd have to go with Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D. It's essentially a remake of an existing game, but updated for the 3-D interface. Nintendo's properties tend to show pretty well over time, and this was the weakest of the bunch. Which is saying something good about the quality of all of Nintendo's upcoming games.

Ryan: Definitely Lego: City Stories for the Wii U. The first announced title for a new Nintendo console needs to be a flagship title, such as a new Mario or Zelda. I do not consider this to be a flagship title.

Kyle: The lack of Wii titles shown really worries me. Speculated titles like Pikmin 3 and a Wii Star Fox were nowhere to be seen. I know the Wii U is supposed to integrate with the Wii, but with outside Skyward Sword, nothing new in sight. 

Jenner: It’s hard to say exactly what disappointed me. All the games presented were great. If I had to pick one, it would be Metal Gear Solid 3 for the 3DS. Not that I don’t enjoy the game, but having played both Snake Eater and Subsistence on the original PS2, I find little reason to pick it up again. It would be best for gamers who never got to experienced it before.


What were your expectations for the conference?

Robert: They delivered about half of what I was expecting. The half that they delivered was the new system. Obviously, everybody knew Nintendo's new system was coming. The half they did not deliver was the new Nintendo properties to coincide with the Wii U. Like Kyle, I'm disappointed that Nintendo did not come up with new intellectual properties to tantalize our gaming senses. However, the Wii U makes up for that disappointment... a little.

Ryan: As with every Nintendo conference, my expectations were high. Nintendo always shoots high at E3, and I was expecting the same this year. I thought I would see the new console, a ton of first-party 3DS titles, and a few surprises.

Kyle: With all of the pre-E3 fuss over the Nintendo Cafe, I was fully expecting an explosion of new Nintendo games and new system details. While the Wii U was impressive from a technological standpoint, the games shown were all third-party titles that will be on other consoles. The lack of new Nintendo titles shown was a disappointment to me.

Jenner: Mario, Zelda, Kirby, and all your favorite Nintendo pals. Nintendo failed to disappoint.


Were you disappointed about anything that was missing?

Robert: Yes! As I've alluded to before, the lack of new properties was very disappointing. As I tweeted during the conference, it seems Nintendo has devolved into a company that iterates new adventures and takes on their existing properties, usually on their new hardware platforms that come at us practically every year. Nintendo can pull that off, obviously, with so many quality properties and their innovative hardware and control schemes. But I'd still like to see new properties too.

Ryan: I was disappointed that there was no real lineup for the Wii. Outside of Zelda, there is nothing at all for Nintendo's current generation console. I was also hoping for a major surprise at the end, like a flagship title for the Wii U, but there wasn't one.

Kyle: The lack of new surprise games and lack of surprises regarding the anniversary of Zelda left me in the cold. Mario got a game collection, Zelda gets... a world wide concert series? Not bad, but not what I was expecting. Outside of a few new 3DS games, two new Smash Brothers that we didn't even get to see and a slew of Wii U third-party titles, nothing really got me excited or interested. Microsoft and Sony may have shown new technology as well, but at least they had titles to show with them. 

Jenner: No new actual Wii games, or anything new that was not already based off of an already existing Nintendo character.


What were your overall thoughts?

Robert: It's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I think the Wii U has some great potential, and some of the control schemes demoed in the videos looked pretty sweet. The new games for Nintendo's properties also look pretty solid, as seems to be the case with Nintendo. However, as I said before, the lack of new properties was a disappointment. I'm also concerned about the price of the new Wii U controllers. If they're anything higher than $150, I think it's too much. I think $100 is a good price point for those little marvels.

Ryan: Overall, I think Nintendo just lived up to expectations. The Wii U did blow me away with the potential it has, but I am concerned with how much it will cost. I have a feeling we won't find out for a year. I was also impressed with the 3DS lineup, and I now want to get one in the next year or so. I did have a few disappointments, but overall, I was satisfied.

Kyle: Overall, disappointed. The lack of new and exciting games was really a disappointment, and while the Wii U technology looked interesting, the lack of cool games to show off the examples and a variety of third-party titles shared by both the competing consoles was not impressive. Maybe next year we'll see some cooler uses for Wii U, but as of now, I'm not particularly excited.

Jenner: The Zelda Orchestra was pure bliss. I laughed hard when Miyamoto re-enacted “Finding an item” and “Finding a really special item” musical scores that we’ve all come to know and love. Nintendo, at least to me, has had the best record in coming up with new ways in how to play games. Looking forward to see what it has next year.


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