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Interview With Nuno of Astro Empires

Feature; Jul. 13, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Charles Rector
Subtypes: Interview

This exclusive OMGN interview concerns the space strategy game Astro Empires at

Astro Empires Screenshots

OMGN: Let's start with a self-introduction of yourself, the person behind the Game Master

NUNO: Hi, my name is Nuno Rosário, and I’m the creator and director of the game Astro Empires. I’m a normal person but with a passion for computer games and programming.

OMGN: What was your experience as a gamer before Astro Empires?

NUNO: I have played lots of computer games since young and in special strategy games.

OMGN: Are you the creator of Astro Empires? If so, what was your inspiration/motivation for creating the game?

NUNO: The inspiration was from others space games I have played in the past and space related movies like Star Wars.

OMGN: Is Astro Empires based/inspired on any BBS games? If so, which game(s)?

NUNO: I have created Astro Empires inspiring in my previous experience of playing strategy games, like Master of Orion and Civilization.

OMGN: Why was Astro Empires created as a browser-based game instead of say, a downloadable program game?

NUNO: Astro Empires fits very well in a browser based game as is a game of strategy that render well in the web, and being browser based don’t require players to install anything in their computer and have them to run updates frequently. They can also play the game in any computer or mobile device with internet access.

OMGN: Why was the decision made to create a space strategy game when there were already many games in that genre?

NUNO: Creating a space strategy game gives me the liberty of work around with my imagination thinking in future civilizations as background of this game.

OMGN: In what ways has running a game enhanced your gaming enjoyment?

NUNO: Working in Astro Empires has reduced my free time, so lest time to play others computer games.

OMGN: Running a game is often a labor of love as opposed to being a money maker. How active is Astro Empires's community in helping to promote the game, creating fansites for the game, making good suggestions for new features and ways to operate the game or other help with the game?

NUNO: The Astro Empires community is great, the game forum has lots of activity and they contribute a lot with game suggestions. We also have volunteers to moderate the game forum, to translate the game to others languages, and to beta test features.

OMGN: How much influence has Astro Empires had on other games?

NUNO: I’m sure Astro Empires will influence others games in the future, with our innovations. We will also keep improving Astro Empires to keep being a top game in the area.

OMGN: What has the response to Astro Empires been like?

NUNO: Very positive, we still have users playing it actively since the beginning (4 years ago), this is not common on others browser games.

OMGN: Some say that Astro Empires is just another browser-based game. How do you respond?

NUNO: Astro Empires has a great freedom of game play and a great community. Is a game with a strong team play, where we can have epic battles involving thousands of players, which not occur in other games. We are also working in improving the game graphics, at the moment we start having representation of our units in 3D, this graphics are above the others browsers games.

OMGN: There are some who believe that innovation has disappeared from online gaming. In what ways does your game break the mold?

NUNO: Our new game graphics are breaking the mold, we also expect to have improvements in the game interface that will be innovating.

OMGN: How many play Astro Empires? 

NUNO: We have about 40 000 active players.

OMGN: What do you think that the future holds for browser-based games?

NUNO: Browser games will become more like the downloaded games, as the web browser technologies improve, is just a question of time until we have fast 2D and 3D rendering capacities in the browser.

OMGN: If you could go back in time and start all over, what would you do differently?

NUNO: Nothing very special, Astro Empires was run well since the beginning.

OMGN: Where do you see Astro Empires a year from now?

NUNO: One year is not very much time, but we hope to improve the game graphics and the game play interface, and also make the game more compatible with mobile phones.

OMGN: Finally, would you like to add anything?

NUNO: Just want to thank to everyone that help me with the game. And the gamers that have not yet tried Astro Empires, to give it a try, it is just a minute to start playing, and after you start playing in this universe it will worth it.


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