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Despite its name, the RPG-Directory is actually a forum that is both busy and chock full of information relating to RPGs.

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers is an organization dedicated to popularizing the field of radio astronomy.

Aeria Games

Aeria Games  is a gaming company that has made a variety of online games that are all free to play.


1Up  is a mainstream video game information website with community features.  Although it has not been updated for over two years, it is still a great website with lots of great stuff to read.

AFK Magazine

AFK Magazine is a free digital online gaming magazine. This digital publication is geared primarly towards MMORPG gamers, however aims to cover a variety of interests extending beyond those games themselves, and in addition to MMORPG news, reviews and interviews, the magazine will also cover general PC gaming, console gaming, music and entertainment.It is made by Karmik Studios. Karmik Studios is an online entertainment organisation aimed...

Astronomical Society of the Pacific

The Astronomical Society of the Pacific is a leading private astronomy club that has been in existence since 1889.

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews

Out of Eight PC Game Reviews is a blog that has reviewed hundreds of games since its inception on July, 2005.  Blog uses an unique rating system consisting of 1-8 points. 

Casual Game Insider

Casual Game Insider is a quarterly magazine that covers casual board, card, dice, and party games.

Dust Chronicles

Dust Chronicles is a free downloadable PDF monthly zine dedicated to covering Paolo Parente's World of Dust. This is an unusual zine in that it actively solicits editorial submissions from its readers.

Ironwatch Magazine

Ironwatch Magazine is the official publication of Mantic Games and is now in its 36th issue. is a comprehensive resource website for the tabletop RPG Masks of Nyarlahotep.

Danish Naval History (English Language)

Danish Naval History chronicles the history of the Royal Navy of Denmark from the official birth of the Navy, August 10, 1510 to the present day.

Cactus Software

Cactus Software is the creator of free downloadable games that are generally available at other websites.  Games have graphics that are not as fancy as most games available nowadays, but are still fun to play.

Donovan's VGA Planets Super Site

Donovan's VGA planets Super Site is a comprehensive resources website for the Play By E-Mail game of VGA Planets aka the single most played PBEM in the world.  Features include a game museum, a player's profile section and a massive list of links.

Dark Horse Comics

Dark Horse Comics is one of the leading comic book companies in America.  As such, it is  a font of ideas that would be game creators can draw inspiration from.  

Digital Eel

Digital Eel focuses on science fictional strategy games as well as games that bring back the old time arcade experience.  

Mantic Games

Mantic Games is a relatively new gaming company.  Their best known product is Kings of War.

Figure Painter Magazine

Figure Painter Magazine is a UK publication devoted to historical miniatures and how to pint them.

Games Gazette Online

After spending 32 years as a paper gaming magazine in the UK, Games Gazette Online is now a free gaming News & Reviews webzine.

TGN: Tabletop Gaming News

TGN: Tabletop Gaming News is a leading website dedicated to covering the world of tabeltop gaming and related subjects.

See Page XX

See Page XX is a free monthly webzine from the folks at Pellgran Press.  While its emphasis is on games published by Pelgran Press, it also covers other RPGs. 

Fight for the Future

Fight for the Future is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving civil liberties in the fact of constant attacks from those, like the Obama Administration, who oppose freedom and the American way of life.

Internet Defense League

The Internet Defense League is a website that is short on specifics but long on promise.  It offers a way for all those who love the Internet to protect it from attack.

Masks of Nyarlathotep PDF

Masks of Nyarlahotep is generally regarded by longtime RPG players as the last of the great RPG's to come out after the founding of the RPG genre during the early 1970's.  The original game received a Best Roleplaying Adventure award by the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design.  This PDF is a downloadable book from Chaosium, the longtime publishers of Masks of Nyarlathotep.

Swords & Dorkery

Swords & Dorkery is the blog of Mike Monaco, a long time RPG player who is wonderfully knowledgeable about role playing games and their history.

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