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British Battles

British Battles is a website that is devoted to British military history.  Its main emphasis is land warfare during the 18th & 19th centuries.  

BBS: The Documentry

BBS: The Documentary is a well received major film documentary comprising 7 1/2 hours of material on 3 DVD's that is about Bulletin Board Systems and the communities that sprang around them.  A great many of the most popular online games today had their origins in BBS games. Its website is a treasure trove of information about BBS's, games on BBS's and the folks who used BBS's.

Bataan Memorial Death March

Bataan Memorial Death March On April 10th, 1942, thousands of American and Filipino troops, newlysurrendered to the Japanese and now prisoners-of-war in the Philippines,began the infamous Bataan Death March. The great majority of thse who started the death march failed to survive it, due to the fiendish tortures of the Japanese guards.White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico has hosted a memorial marchto honor those that suffered through the...

Aphelion Webzine

Aphelion Webzine is a high quality webzine of science fiction and fantasy.

1C Company

1C Companyspecializes in distribution, publishing and development of interactive entertainment products and business software. Founded in 1991, 1C has become the leading publisher and distributor of computer games in Eastern and Central Europe. 1C Company is widely acknowledged as a game developer and has several internal studios. Internal developments of 1C include IL-2 Sturmovik, IL-2 Sturmovik: Forgotten Battles, Aces Expansion Pack and...

RPG Review

RPG Review is a free quarterly PDF webzine covering the world of RPG's.

High Frontier

High Frontier is an organization dedicated to bringing about an effective space based  defense against nuclear and EMP attacks through a grass roots campaign aimed at lobbying the politicians.


StormLoader is a place where you can get up to 50 MB of webspace absolutely free of charge.

Eric Mayer & Mary Reed

Eric Mayer & Mary Reed are the authors of the John the Lord Chamberlain series of historical mysteries.

Medieval Warfare & Medieval Arms

Medieval Warfare & Medieval Arms is a major website  that offers in-depth coverage of the military history and weaponry of the Middle Ages.

Medieval Warfare

Medieval Warfare is a print magazine devoted to covering the history of warfare during the Middle Ages.

Commemorative Air Force

Orignally known as the Confederate Air Force, the Commemorative Air Force the largest collection of operational military aircraft not owned by a governmental entity.

The Texas Army

The Texas Army is a website celebrating the Army of the Republic of Texas.

German Helmets

German Helmets  is the ultimate source of information on the Web about German Army helmets during the era of the Second World War.  It comprises "450 pages of web text and high quality photos" and as such is well worth the time of everyone who has an interest in World War II.

Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society

The official website of the Anglo-Zulu War Historical Society that seeks to promote study of the Anglo Zulu War of 1879.  

Ancient Warfare

Ancient Warfare  is a print magazine dedicated to covering ancient military history.  Website includes a blog, Forum, E-Newsletter and a Podcast.

World War I

World War I is an in-depth look at the history of the First World War.  Website contains maps, photographs and other items of historical interest. 

Shrapnel Games

Shrapnel Games is a leading wargames company.  Many of its games are of a computer/internet nature. 


Sharkhunters  is a magazine that has for over a quarter century richly chronicled the German U-Boat campaigns during World War II.  The website itself is chock full of all sorts of historical information. 

U-boat Net

U-boat Net is a major historical website concerning the German submarines aka U-boats that wreaked havoc on the world's oceans during 1939-1945 and which came close to winning World War II for the Axis Powers.

Texas Navy Association

The Texas Navy Association exists to document the existence of the Navy of the Republic of Texas during the Nineteenth Century.  Also covers U.S. Navy ships named after persons from Texas and places in Texas.

The Royal New Zealand Navy Museum

The Royal New Zealand Navy Museum's official website.

The History Guide

The History Guide is a compilation of lecture notes and other resources for all those who are interested in History.  Emphasis is on European history from ancient times through the present.

Roman Seas

Roman Seas is a website for a line of Roman naval PDF miniatures.  The website also contains a great deal of historical information about Roman naval history.

Lectures in Medieval History

Lectures in Medieval History are the lecture notes of the retired Professor Lynn H. Nelson of the University of Kansas.  As such this is an invaluable source of information for those who wish to create Middle Ages related war games.

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