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Limited Time Blogging

As you may have noticed, I have not been blogging much lately.  Been busy with reading, trying to become a fiction writer and first time in five years, taking a class at McHenry County College.

Seal Team #1138

Seal Team #1138 is a movie review website with plenty of attitude.  Although it covers all sorts of movies, it has a special interest in direct to video horror flicks.


Horrorfind is the biggest horror and Halloween themed directory in existence.

Crypt Crawl

Crypt Crawl is one of the longest running horror and Halloween themed directories in existence.

The Hugo Awards 2015

The 2015 Hugo Awards      Have you ever taken a firm position on a subject only to realize later that you were on the wrong side and as time went on, you got to wonder how you ever took that previous position? That was my experience withthis year's Hugo Awards. When the year started, I was on the side of the slates. It seemed that the slates were a good idea given the state of the Hugo Awards.      How low is...

Big Pharma Press Release

From Cliff Harris: Its getting close to Big Pharma release time!Did you know its BIG PHARMA LAUNCH month? Oh yes, the worlds first PC cure-em-up is launched to the world on 27th August. Thats just sixteen days away! Time to start saving up the starting capital for your pharmaceutical start-up!   Big pharma is already in beta, with lots of happy budding pharmaceutical tycoons already churning out cures and raking up big profits. Are you...

Markee Dragon

Markee Dragon is a major news and resources website that has its focus on Ultima Online although it has lately developed a side interest in Eve Online.

Korean War, The

Korean War, The  is the single best Korean War oriented website on the Internet.  It is invaluable both as a historical website as well as a place where prospective wargame creators can glean information for their potential creations.  

KE Studios

KE Studios is a game designer company that makes games that are marketed by other companies.  KES's first, and so far its only, game is War Plan Pacific set in World War II that is sold by Shrapnel Games.  

Killer Betties

Killer Betties is a gaming news and resources website written by gals who play games for gals who play games.

SkyMan Bob

SkyMan Bob is the official website of noted astronomer and Astronomy Magazine columnist Bob Berman.

Junior General

Junior General is a comprehensive website covering war gaming and especially the concept of using war gaming as a classroom tool for teaching history via historical simulation.  This is a great website for helping would be war game creators to come up with ideas for future games.  

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies

Napoleon, His Army and Enemies is the bland name for an incredible source of information relating to Napoleon & the Napoleonic Era.  Nearly every facet of the age is covered here from Campaigns & Battles to Uniforms.  This website is a must visit for every would be game creator who wants solid information on the period as well as a place to get ideas from to use in creating games. 

Map Forum

Map Forum  is an online magazine devoted to covering antique maps and the history behind them.  Also covered is the history of cartography.   Although it is no longer updated, it remains an important resource.

Hill Cantons

Hill Cantons is a blog devoted to RPGs, especially those set during the medieval era.

The Biblyon Broadsheet

The Biblyon Broadsheet is a blog devoted to RPGs, Ancient History and Medieval History as well as the culture of those eras.  It has been conducted by Jerry Stratton since 1994.

DM David

DM David is the bog of a long time player of Dungeons & Dragons as some other RPGs as well.

Howling Tower

Howling Tower is a blog devoted to Old Style Role-Playing with a special emphasis on Chivalry & Sorcery.

German Naval History

German Naval History  is a comprehensive website covering the German Navy of both World Wars.  Website also covers related models and computer games. 

Nga Toa

Nga Toa  is the website of an oral history project dedicated to recording the experiences of veterans of the New Zealand armed forces during World War II.  

Korean War Project

The Korean War Project  is an organization that is devoted to commemorating the Korean War as well as conducting historical research, such as oral histories, about the subject.

Early Chicago

Early Chicago  is a website devoted to the chronicling of Chicago history prior to 1835 when the Indians finally vacated the area.

Guild Portal

Guild Portal is a major supplier of free websites for online gaming clans.   

My Fast Forum

My Fast Forum is a leading supplier of free forums.   

Catapult Kits

Back during the ancient and medieval worlds, catapults were the artillery used to batten down town walls. Catapult Kits  is your online resource for model catapult kits ready for assemblage by hobbyists who like a challenge.     

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