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Blogs, Page 3 describes itself thusly: PlayByMail.Net is a PBM oriented website, whose aim is to promote play by mail gaming and to give PBM gamers a place to gather. From this website has evolved the PBM Wiki, a blog, and Suspense & Decision magazine, a PBM magazine for the 21st Century. The site contains both a discussion forum and a blog. The site seeks to facilitate PBM gaming by serving as a major modern resource for play by mail.

Blogging Resumes

As you may have noticed, there was not any blogging here the past 2 weeks.  I've had a lot of stuff to do. However, that's all behind us, so let's get cracking! is the official Vincent Price website that has been authorized by his family to preserve his legacy as one of the greatest actors of all time.

Wicked Horror

Wicked Horror is one of the newest websites devoted to reviewing horror movies.  Also includes feature articles and Top 10 Lists.

The Girl Who Loves Horror

The Girl Who,Loves Horror is the horror flick blog of a gal named Michelle who is 30 years old and lives in Missouri.  She also has a tendency to include spoilers in her reviews.

Horror Blogger Alliance

Horror Blogger Alliance is a group blog devoted to promoting its members and their blogs as well as discussing horror movies


HorrorHound is a leading magazine of horror entertainment with a special focus on horror flicks.

Rue Morgue

Rue Morgue is a leading magazine of horror culture with a special emphasis on horror flicks.

Home of the Underdogs

Home of the Underdogs is a place where you can gain access to electronic games of the past and play them.  The website also features a lot of great links. 

Expeditious Retreat Press

Expeditious Retreat Press  is a major publisher of RPG's using the d20 system.  Best well known game is World of Nevermore.  Books include such titles as A Magical Medieval Society: Western Europe Second Edition.

Dark Discoveries

Dark Discoveries is the leading professional horror fiction magazine.  All issues have themes such as Dark Mystery, Femme Fatal, The Occult, Secret Societies, Sinister Appetites, Transhuman, Weird West & Zombie Creature Feature.

Halloween Flash Games

Halloween Flash Games is a place that offers lots of free single player Halloween themed games.

Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2

Forever Knight Fan Fiction 2 is the successor to the original Forever Knight fan ciction webiste with over 700 stories archived here. is a website that offers you "very opinionated d20 gaming."  Other contents include news about a RPG project that he has been working on and material relating to Play By EMail Games (PBEM's).

The Hill of the Seven Jackals

The Hill of the Seven Jackals bills itself as the official website of Kharis the Mummy.  Kharis was the star of four Universal horror flicks from the 1940's.  This website is chock full of stuff relating to Kharis and to mummies in general.

Raine Brown

Raine Brown is a leading independent horror film actress.

Grey Alien Games

Grey Alien Games is a company that has been making download games since 2004.

Shadow Hand Press Release

Positech Games announces...SHADOWHANDShadowhand is a narrative-driven card game. developed by Grey Alien Games, and to be by published by us (Positech Games). Its currently in early development, but will be playable in pre-alpha at Birminghams EGX show this month in the UK.Set in late 18th Century England, we follow the story of Lady Darkmoor, a beguiling young aristocrat who masquerades as the notorious highwaywoman, ShadowHand. Fleeing a...


Gameranx is a gaming news and reviews website that was founded in the wake of the outbreak of the scandals that gave rise to the GamerGate (GG) movement.  It aims to produce gaming journalism in tune with the ideals of the since ended GG movement.

Based Gamer

Nine months before GamerGate (GG) broke out in August 2014, Based Gamer was founded with many of the same concerns as supporters of the late GG movement.

Troll Lord Games

Troll Lord Games is a company that publishes books, games and other stuff, much of which is apparently financed by Kickstarter projects.

Dark Dossier

Dark Dossier is a digital magazine that specializes in articles and short stories about ghosts, monsters and aliens from outer space.

Forever Knight Website Archive

The Forever Knight Website Archive is a project that took the content of websites that were originally on such doomed free website providers such as Fortune City & Geocities and saved them for posterity.  The webmaster also has taken content from the Internet Wayback Machine and saved the content from other Forever Knight related websites that are no longer in existence.  

The Goreletter aka Gorelets

The Goreletter aka Gorelets is the free E-Newsletter put out by Michael Arnzen.  Reading this will let you have one Hell of a good time.      

Halloween Clip Art

Halloween Clip Art is a place that offers free to use Halloween-themed clip art and pictures.    

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