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Blast from the Past in Space Merchant Realms

Undated narrative from the website if the since defunct Crusader's Alliance in the game of Space Merchant Realms: Salzik Turf War Breaks Out, part I ######################### A series of skirmishes between two alliances have been reported in the Salzik galaxy.    Late last week four members of the Crusaders swept into the Salzik galaxy and seized control of one of the several planets belonging to the Lords of Melnibone. ...

California Chess History

California Chess History is a website that is devoted to the history of chess in California.  Contents include an incredible directory of chess related links.

Mantic Games Press Release

What's New In Season Six?Season Six of DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is now available for pre-order, and starts shipping next week. Get prepared with our DreadBall Pre-Season Primer.Pre-Season Primer Part 1: Ada-Lorena and CrystallansPre-Season Primer Part 2: Koris and TsudochanFrom ghost-like beings that phase in and out of reality and crystalline giants that grow in strength when they work together...... to multi-limbed...

Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard

Although it has not been updated since December 4th, 2011, Shadow's B-Movie Graveyard is a great place to learn about bad movies, especially those of the horror variety.

Twisted Edge

Twisted Edge is a website that defines itself as being, "the home of failed sarcasm and inept humour since 2006. "

Viz Magazine

Viz Magazine is the British equivalent of Mad Magazine.

Checkpoint Telstar

Checkpoint Telstar is the bad movie review blog of Tim Lehrener who writes in-depth movie reviews that are unusually long.

Cliffie's Notes

Cliffie's Notes is the blog of a female shrink with unusual interests.  She loves bad movies and hates tartar sauce.  

Anthroslug the Much Put Upon

Anthroslug the Much Put Upon is the bog of a graduate student in archaeology who writes about the academic subjects that interest him as well as about his friends and family.  Although it has not been updated since May 2, 2014, it's still of great interest.

The BS Historian

The BS Historian is a great blog for debunking the pseudohistorical nonsense that gets thrown around on the Internet and elsewhere.  Only weak spot is its lack of coverage of conspiracy theories.

Steve Jackson Games

.Although it has not been especially active the last few years, Steve Jackson Games is still one of the most important gaming companies in America today.

Robert E. Howard Electronic Amateur Press Association

The Robert E. Howard Electronic Amateur Press Association is the single best online resource for the study of pulp magazine writer Robert E. Howard, who is best known as the creator of Conan.

CHARGE! Civil War Wargaming

Although it has not been updated since July 2015, CHARGE! Civil War Wargaming is still the very best blog devoted to its subject.

Tome of Treasures

Tome of Treasures is a website focusing on the history of role playing games with a specific emphasis on Dungeons & Dragons and other games from TSR.

Monster Hunter Nation

Monster Hunter Nation is the blog-based website of science fiction writer Larry Correia who offers a lot of helpful advice to aspiring writers.

Star Ship Sofa

Although Star Ship Sofa calls itself "The Audio Science Fiction Magazine" a more accurate description is that is the pioneering science fiction podcast.


E-Fanzines is a website that hosts an incredible number of online fanzines aka amateur magazines, most of which are of a science fiction nature.

The B-Movie Message Board

The B-Movie Message Board is possibly the best online community devoted to the discussion of B-Movies aka low budget flicks.


GameKnot is a leading website where you can sign up to play a friendly game of chess for free.  Features include a free daily chess puzzle that you can put on your website.  

Omega Games

Omega Games is a leading maker of wargames as well as the publisher of the Paper Wars Wargaming and military book review magazine.

Warning Order

Warning Order is a free PDF wargaming magazine that you can download on your computer.

Distant Fantasies

Distant Fantasies is a RPG directory and resources website that has been around for over a decade.  

Not Just Old School Wargaming

Not Just Old School Wargaming is the blog of Chris Gregg who has been in wargamng for over 40 years.

The Miniatures Page

The Miniatures Page is a webzine specializing in covering the world of miniature soldiers.

Gygax Magazine

Gygax Magazine is a creation of friends and family of the late Gary Gygax, who was the co-creator of Dungeons & Dragons.

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