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Charles Rector's Weblog; Nov. 10, 2015; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

Here's a further dispatch from the website of the long since defunct Crusader's Alliance in Space Merchant Realms:

Crusaders Avert a Death Control Planet Bust!

Having fought repeatedly in recent weeks with several alliances and negotiating peaceful NAPs with others, the Crusaders were able to hold onto their little piece of Salzik turf. But in the final days of the Salzik turf war, however, the Crusader faced their most challenging defensive battle to date. Today, witnesses report a total of 18 Death Control members converged over the Crusaders planet in Salzik.

The Crusader planet, a hefty level 68, was hit numerous times and fought back with it's fierce defenses against the attacks. Crusaders worked quickly to keep the planets defenses up, mine the Salzik galaxy, and fight off the invasion.

The planetary attack attracted a number of other warships, pilots from other alliances, who came to Salzik looking for a piece of the action. And they found it! As the battle progressed a number of ship-to-ship fights took place around the plantary sectors in which several Crusaders, DC, and pilots from other alliances were killed in the pitched battles.

After 25 attacks on the planet, Death Control ceased firing. A total of 12 Death Control pods were recorded during the attack on the planet. Five Death Control pilots remained hovering over the planet, two in damaged ships and all of them reportedly low on turns. The 5 remaining Crusaders ships, also low on turns, regrouped during the brief pause and made two quick and suicidal counterstrikes, killing two of the remaining DC pilots and destroying their own ships in the process. At this point, observers say Death Control was seen leaving Salzik. The last Death Control ships warped out approximately 4 hours after the first attacks began.

The final tally of losses were heavy on both sides. 18 Death Control pods, 19 Crusader pods, and 5 other alliance pods were reported in the four hour period.

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