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XCOR Aerospace Mission Update Newsletter October 2015

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector
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We hope that this message finds you well wherever you may be in the world. Below you will find a compilation of the most exciting news and up to date info regarding Lynx and more. Thank you for your continued support and interest in all that we have going on!
Our engineers have been hard at work finishing many of the structural components of Lynx over the past few months. As the craft approaches completion, the body has taken shape and is looking more ready to fly every day. One of the most important milestones has been the mounting of the primary nose structure. This essential element also will house several reaction control thrusters and the nose gear. Additionally, fit checks of the chines and cowling have now been conducted, key milestones in the structural completion of Lynx. The landing gear continues to be tested by our expert team through drop tests and will be mounted to Lynx in the near future. Finally, in typical XCOR fashion, the Hangar 61 team has transformed a standard pickup truck into an advanced test vehicle, able to test the aerodynamic properties of different Lynx components. To read and see more about the important milestones you can view the full September Lynx Report here.


Whether it's my neighbor, the guy at the gas station, my old Air Force buddies or the guys at our XCOR marketing department, nowadays it seems the only thing people want to know from me is 'when will it fly?'. And to be honest, I can't blame them. Believe me, if there's someone who can't wait to get behind the stick of our Lynx spacecraft, that would be me! 

The fact is that we are in a process in which you just can't rush things. For the first time in history we are developing a genuinely instantly reusable launch vehicle and there's no building instructions, best practices or timeline available for something so ground breaking. Our engineers in Mojave have been developing each single component for the first time: from fuselage to the reusable engines, from pressure cabin to finally the wings which we're building at this moment. Whilst doing so they have only one thing on top of their minds: safety. Cutting corners is not an option. Check, double check and then check again.

In our days as military test pilots we have flown over a dozen freaky, experimental, ground breaking new jets and not once did we feel fear or a lack of confidence. Why? Because we felt 100% confident in the engineers in whose hands we were about to put our destiny. These engineers who, when finishing an experimental plane, will tell you over and over again that 'it's ready when it's ready,' no matter how many times you pull their sleeves.

Any long distance runner will tell you that the best part of a marathon is not the finish line. It's the last 100 meters before you cross it. And that's exactly where we are at XCOR right now. So bare with us for those exciting final steps. In Mojave, history is being made, at exactly the pace it should be and we're going to keep you updated at every iconic step along the way. That's a promise.

See you up there,

Major (ret.) Harry 'Slinger' van Hulten 
XCOR Lynx Test Pilot 
NEW PARTNERSHIP, SINOMAX XCOR Space Expeditions has announced a new partnership with the Hong Kong based, Sinomax. Sinomax is a leading marketer, manufacturer and distributor of qualitative visco-elastic pillows, mattress toppers and mattresses in the United States, Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China. As experts in manufacturing visco-elastic foam, commonly known as “memory foam” or “space foam," Sinomax will now supply the material within every seat built for Lynx spacecraft. 
Sinomax has developed a memory foam to off-set the 4G forces that occur during the spaceflight and the material has fire retardant properties, which will enhance flight safety. The space foam and this exciting new partnership will contribute to a safer and more enjoyable flight for all of our spaceflight participants in the future.Click on the video above to see the Sinomax Space Foam in action!REMINDER, PRICE CHANGE
The price of a flight aboard Lynx will increase from $100,000 to $150,000 effective on January 1st, 2016.  With the Lynx Mark I spacecraft closer to completion and first flight, the price will be raised to align more closely with the current market value of a commercial spaceflight.

XCOR entered the market to make space more accessible to the general public than ever before. As Lynx moves toward final assembly, demand is on the increase. Clients who have already entered the Lynx program and submitted a partial payment will not be affected by the change. Make sure to secure your ticket at the current price before 2016!

XCOR Science & Payloads embodies XCOR’s philosophy for customization, unique and ground-breaking opportunities for Payload- and Research & Educational Missions (REM). We offer these services aboard Lynx through a network of established Payload Integrators all specialized in their own fields. 

We believe Lynx research capabilities will have an immediate and measurable impact on our clients' goals, and broadly on education. In light of this, XCOR has partnered with Arete STEM Project, a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) aerospace educational organization. This Payload Integrator for educational payloads has introduced a series of new offerings to bring Lynx into the classroom.  

  • Student centered STEM lessons and teacher training designed to send student experiments into space. 
  • K-12 educational payload kits and sets with easy to use instructions and support designed for the XCOR Lynx vehicle.
  • Support for universities in their microgravity and technology research. 

Contact for more information and to make a reservation for your research and educational payloads on Lynx. 

Check out this video above to see how Arete STEM makes space accessible to students!

For those interested in starting their own spaceline to provide missions for a variety of customers, or in adding the Lynx spacecraft to their existing fleet, XCOR Aerospace has the vehicles and services they need to get into space. To read more about our offerings please visit our new webpage.

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