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OMGN Goes to the Movies!

Aug. 7, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Goes to the Movies! It's that time of the year again folks! No, it's not Christmas. It's the time when we here at OMGN blow up the site and start to do something totally different. OK, it's not quite that drastic, but we are indeed adding something different. We're adding coverage of another industry that many of us find almost as entertaining as video games -- movies! OMGN has always focused on at least a small segment of the video games industry. We...

Facebook Login Integrated

Jun. 24, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Facebook Login Integrated There are so many websites out there vying for registrations that many people choose not to register with some websites because they don't want to have to remember yet another username and password. Some just don't want the hassle of registering and confirming their email address, while others just don't want to have multiple accounts across the web. Well, late June 21, we decided to do something about that here at OMGN. You can now login to...

Planned Downtime Tonight [Update 2]

May. 27, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Planned Downtime Tonight [Update 2] In contrast to the occasional unplanned downtime that happens here at OMGN and across the web, we have a planned downtime happening tonight, May 27th. We're going to be making some server upgrades in order to better handle our expected E3 2011 traffic. We expect the downtime to start at about midnight Pacific time and should last about a half an hour or so. We plan on updating you via our Twitter account, so keep an eye there to track our...

OMGN Status Launched

May. 26, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Status Launched We're proud to announce that early May 25 we launched our new Status page. Our Status page houses some metrics about how OMGN is doing. We've recently been making many performance upgrades to the website, so we wanted to give our readers a better idea of how the website responds to their requests and what our uptime is. Additionally, we wanted to start publishing some metrics on our visits and page views. While we'd always like them to be higher...

Get Paid To Blog!

May. 2, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Get Paid To Blog! Back in December we started a revenue sharing program for our writers and editors. This system has turned out to be a good idea for us, and we've now built an administration module to better administer this. You read about this new module in Robert F. Ludwick's personal blog post about today's site release. With the release of this module, we're now extending our revenue sharing program to all bloggers here at OMGN! Even if you're not a staff...

Site Issue: Android Phones

Mar. 6, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Site Issue: Android Phones We are currently investigating a known problem with the standard Android browser and the menu link in the header of our site. The menu currently does not appear, and you are unable to scroll the page any more after clicking the button. We are unable to diagnose the issue properly due to the Site Developer and President Robert Ludwick's lack of an Android device; however, we endeavor to patch the website as soon as possible. We are working on...

OMGN Staff Attending E3 2011

Jan. 4, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Staff Attending E3 2011 OMGN is ecstatic to report that it has been confirmed we have several members of our team registered to attend the Electronic Entertainment Expo this year June 7-9 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. We anticipate having 3 staff members heading to the center for the extravagantly exciting experience. So far, we have three of our staff confirmed as registered, Robert Ludwick (OMGN's president, publisher, editor, and writer), Kyle Hovanec ...

Dragon's Call Starter Kit Giveaway

Dec. 23, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Dragon's Call Starter Kit Giveaway It's that time of year again! We're giving away more to you, our readers! This time around we're giving away Dragon's Call serials to coincide with the release of their third, fourth and fifth servers. Head on over to Dragon's Call and check the game out. In order to collect your starter kit serial from us, you'll want to do any of these things: Comment on this article. you must be a registered OMGN user to do so with a validated email address....

Get Paid to Write & Edit

Dec. 17, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Get Paid to Write & Edit Starting today, OMGN writers and editors will get paid for their efforts. Up until now, all contributors to OMGN were considered voluntary and did not make a single cent for their efforts. We've always been able to offer OMGN as a publication venue for writers and editors, but we've been unable to pay anybody. Until now. You can read the full details on our Join Us page, but here's a quick look. Writers and editors will receive a share of the...

Picaroon Closed Beta Keys Giveaway

Nov. 12, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Picaroon Closed Beta Keys Giveaway Picaroon, the upcoming game from Nice Technology that is effectively replacing Time of Defiance, has entered into the closed beta phase. Aren't you glad that OMGN has closed beta keys to give away? There are multiple ways we're willing to part with one of our 100 beta keys. You can get one by performing any of the following tasks: Hop on Twitter and tweet the following: "#omgn @omgndotcom is giving away Picaroon beta keys!" Hop on our...

OMGN Mobile

Sep. 28, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Mobile Have you ever loaded up OMGN on your iPhone? Your Android-based phone? BlackBerry? Sadly, OMGN was probably pretty difficult to view on whatever mobile device you looked us up on. We're quite sure you were very, very disappointed that it was so difficult to check the OMGN Forum on your iPhone 4. Fear no more! Today we have finally launched OMGN Mobile! We have a number of other items we released today, but OMGN Mobile is definitely the most...

OMGN Forum Launched

Jul. 21, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Forum Launched The old OMGN had a forum installed for our users to, well, use. The old Forum was actually the basis for membership on the site. We simply tacked on an internal hook to the Forum's user management system to enable extended user functionality across the entire website. Obviously we haven't had a similar Forum since our relaunch over a month ago. We felt it was in our best interest to have a custom forum for the new OMGN for a variety of...

OMGN Launches User Blogs

Jun. 19, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Launches User Blogs While we only relaunched a couple weeks ago, we understand that our readers would like more features on the site. During the last two weeks, in addition to working to bring you content to read, we've also been working behind the scenes to continue to upgrade the feature set on OMGN. Today, we get to release one of those features to you. We've rolled out user blogs today for all OMGN members to use. All you have to do is have a registered account...

Core Exiles Starter Pack Offer

Jun. 18, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

Core Exiles Starter Pack Offer Here at OMGN we want to try to give back to our readers. Well here's a great opportunity for us to do just that! We are working with Core Exiles, a free space-based, browser-based trading and warfare game, to offer our readers some unique content. We have 1,000 serial codes to give away to our readers for use in Core Exiles. These serials, when applied to a new account in the game, will give you a Starter Pack, which contains: Premium Time Core...

OMGN Relaunched!

Jun. 5, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff

OMGN Relaunched! OMGN first launched in October 2002 as "Online Multiplayer Gaming Network (OMGN)." Back then, we focused on online multiplayer games because, let's face it, nearly 8 years ago, online gaming wasn't nearly as robust as it is now. Back then, Xbox Live still had a month to go before it launched to the public. PC gaming was about the only viable online medium, as the Sega Dreamcast had already been shut down. We primarily catered to browser-based...

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