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OMGN Goes to the Movies!

Announcement; Aug. 7, 2011; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff
We're adding coverage of the movie industry to OMGN - Whaddaya think about that?

It's that time of the year again folks! No, it's not Christmas. It's the time when we here at OMGN blow up the site and start to do something totally different. OK, it's not quite that drastic, but we are indeed adding something different. We're adding coverage of another industry that many of us find almost as entertaining as video games -- movies!

OMGN Goes to the Movies

OMGN has always focused on at least a small segment of the video games industry. We originally covered online multiplayer games, but that market grew and grew until nearly every video game available included an online multiplayer component. Thus, we ended up covering the whole industry. Again, we're expanding our coverage, but this time it's to include another entertainment industry.

This won't mean dire consequences for our video game coverage -- we're keeping it intact and simply adding coverage of the movie industry. And what would a coverage expansion be without a gentle prod to all of you that we're always looking for staff members, now for help with coverage of games while our current staff expands its repertoire into another industry.

The decision to include movie coverage in OMGN was an easy one. It's another entertainment industry like the video game industry, and the great majority of gamers out there also enjoy movies. Even Ubisoft has taken an increased interest in movies by creating its own movie studio. With this change, OMGN's official moniker will change. We were Online Multiplayer Gaming Network, but we changed to Games because we didn't offer gaming on our network. The name we had (until today, that is) was a bit of a misnomer because we covered the entire video game industry and not just online multiplayer games like we used to. It's a misnomer no more. We are now Online Movies & Games Network. (See, we can still keep our acronym!)

We'll be slowly moving existing reviews from our now-defunct sister site FlickZone. Once those existing reviews are moved over, we'll be shutting that site down. For example, one review that is on FlickZone is of The Boondock Saints -- attached to this announcement to show you that we can add movie data to the site already.

With two industries covered on OMGN, we also needed a way to separate content for each industry in case our readers don't want to see it all jumbled together. We've introduced channels that allow us to categorize our articles. Right now, the home page is intermixed, as well as all of the main navigation links up top. However, you can click on the channels listed with each article to see posts just for that industry. We're planning on making it easier as time goes on to customize your OMGN experience to the channels you want to view.

We also released quite a few other features and enhancements on the site outside of movies coverage. If you're looking for more information on what else there is to take a look at, read Robert's blog post regarding recent changes to OMGN. But here's a quick sneak peek:

  • Login using Twitter available
  • Linking existing accounts to Facebook and Twitter
  • Ajax login! No more going to two separate pages to login

We hope you enjoy the added movies coverage and the increased social network support here at OMGN. Please let us know what you think by commenting!



rfludwick - Aug. 7, 2011 at 10:32:08pm

One thing to note here that isn't in the announcement - due to an issue with our password validation system that we fixed today, some users may not be able to log in to their accounts without resetting their password first. If you can't login, reset it and you ought to be fine. Sorry about that!

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