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OMGN Forum Launched

Announcement; Jul. 21, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff
New spot lets our users talk amongst themselves and plot world domination

The old OMGN had a forum installed for our users to, well, use. The old Forum was actually the basis for membership on the site. We simply tacked on an internal hook to the Forum's user management system to enable extended user functionality across the entire website.

Obviously we haven't had a similar Forum since our relaunch over a month ago. We felt it was in our best interest to have a custom forum for the new OMGN for a variety of reasons:

  1. Full control over the software
  2. No reliance on an outside community for bugfixes, feature requests or security updates
  3. 100% customizability
  4. 100% integration with our user system and other website features

Seeing as we were trying to get the new OMGN launched as soon as possible, we delayed launching a forum on the site because we felt it wasn't vital to be in place for launch. Well, we've put in long hours of work since our last code release and here it is, the new OMGN Forum!

This new Forum is, as you might expect, your standard forum. It's 100% custom-built for the site and will let our community grow and talk amongst itself here on the site. Rather than bore you to death, why don't we just let you hop over there and start getting along?

However, there are two things you'll want to note before venturing off to the Forum:

  1. You can set your Forum signature in your User Account.
  2. You can send messages to other users via their user profile pages and read your messages in your User Account. You can even reply from within your message list as well.


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