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Core Exiles Starter Pack Offer

Announcement; Jun. 18, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff
OMGN offering up to 1,000 serials for in-game boosts and a unique item

Here at OMGN we want to try to give back to our readers. Well here's a great opportunity for us to do just that!

Core Exiles

We are working with Core Exiles, a free space-based, browser-based trading and warfare game, to offer our readers some unique content. We have 1,000 serial codes to give away to our readers for use in Core Exiles. These serials, when applied to a new account in the game, will give you a Starter Pack, which contains:

Premium Time

Core-Exiles is FREE to play, but upgrading your account to Premium status adds the following bonus and benefits to your account: Fuel Bonus, Pod Engineering, Bad Event Reduction, +2 GBM Listing, IP to same IP Trading.

1,000 Fuel Ticket

Grab your 1,000 fuel from one of the "Fuel Depots" dotted around in game when you are ready to use it.

A Mech Pack

This Mech Pack includes all the parts you need to build two fully functioning Mechs to place into the Mech zones. (Level 10 required)

7 Personal Extractor Packs

Extractors are used to collect resources in game at ORSA locations. This pack gives you one of each type to start you off. (Level 5 required)

50 Mk1 Repair Drones

Combat requires you to repair your hull and armor. These nifty packs will repair both at the same time. (No Level requirement.)

1 Exclusive OMGN Reactor

This reactor can be fitted to your ship at level 5 and will boost your ship's energy output by 1,000 points. This reactor is exclusive to this OMGN offer!

So how do you get a serial code for Core Exiles? In case you don't know, OMGN is on Twitter! The steps to getting your serial code are simple. Start following us on Twitter and then publicly tweet something nice with our Twitter account name referenced, @omgndotcom, as well as the hashtag #omgnce. A couple examples:

  • Give me @omgndotcom's Core Exiles Starter Pack! #omgnce
  • #omgnce @omgndotcom is giving away Core Exiles Starter Packs!

That's about it! We'll try our hardest to get your starter packs out to you as soon as your tweets start rolling in.



rfludwick - Mar. 1, 2011 at 11:27:14pm

Lacis, your code was delivered via Twitter.

LacisLV - Feb. 21, 2011 at 12:03:52am

i dont get where to post the msg to get the serial for core exiles?

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