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Announcement; Jun. 5, 2010; Channels: OMGN; By OMGN Staff
OMGN4 hits the web

OMGN first launched in October 2002 as "Online Multiplayer Gaming Network (OMGN)." Back then, we focused on online multiplayer games because, let's face it, nearly 8 years ago, online gaming wasn't nearly as robust as it is now. Back then, Xbox Live still had a month to go before it launched to the public. PC gaming was about the only viable online medium, as the Sega Dreamcast had already been shut down.

We primarily catered to browser-based and downloadable games in the beginning. As time went on, however, we gradually had to expand our coverage to more and more of the video game industry. More and more games started including online components, therefore they fell under our niche. Eventually, that niche became the norm. Most games released these days have online components. Rare are the games that do not have some online interactive component to them, so OMGN had basically come into a situation where we were covering the entire industry anyway.

Sadly, the old OMGN was insufficient for this coverage. Our database design, our visual design, our code structure, and even our content just didn't cut it. We never made the transition properly... Until now. The new OMGN, OMGN4 as we like to call it (more on that in a moment), will cover the entire video game industry on a platform that can properly handle the expansion of OMGN's focus. Our new design is cleaner, less cluttered and has fewer ads. Our new database structure makes it easier to add lots of content or even new content types. Our new codebase is far superior than what OMGN was running before and also allows for future enhancements much easier.

But new content? Yes. Unfortunately, we were left with a decision on whether or not to keep all of OMGN's old content. After many deliberations and quite a few arguments, we decided the best solution was to simply archive the old OMGN in its exact form (and also by disabling website functions). We had many reasons for this, including these two:

  1. The old content would have been difficult to import into the new website structure.
  2. The old content doesn't really fit our new direction and vision.

We didn't want anybody to be unable to view our old content and game data, so we've moved all of that to You can, however, read some of our retained content here on the new site, content we felt was appropriate to keep given the new format.

OMGN Archive
OMGN Archive

We're pared down the features on OMGN as well with this relaunch. Gone are some of our mainstays such as Top Games. Top Games didn't fit with our new direction. We wanted to launch the site on a very stable and succinct platform to begin with. You'll find us continually evaluating the site and adding on as time goes on, so don't fret if you think the new OMGN doesn't have enough features and content. We will!

And as far as why we're calling this OMGN4? The old site was running on the same code and database design for its entire existence, however it was running on its third design. It only made sense to call this OMGN4, really.

If you're interested in writing for OMGN, then please let us know. Check out the Join Us page for more information. We hope you enjoy the new OMGN, visit often!


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