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Hitch (2005) Review

Review; Apr. 16, 2012; Channels: Movies; By Robert F. Ludwick

There are many, many romantic comedies loosed upon the viewing public. Most of them follow a pretty strict formula, Hitch included. Despite this it's still a charming, wonderful story about two couples getting together and the intricacies of human dating.


The story begins with Alex Hitchens, played by Will Smith, explaining that he is a dating consultant, commonly referred to as the Date Doctor throughout the movie. In a nutshell, guys find him through word-of-mouth, and he helps bring out the best in them so they can shine for a woman they're interested in.

This is Will Smith's first romantic comedy, and he plays it well. Smith is more suited for roles like this than his role as a distrusting cop in I, Robot. He is believable in being the date doctor. He is very charming at points and uses his sense of comedy well.

One thing that isn't conveyed well is whether or not Hitch gets paid to help guys catch a woman's attention. In any case, early in the movie comes Albert, (played by Kevin James). Albert works for an accounting and investment firm, and he has fallen for one of the company's clients. The problem is that the client is a very rich woman, Allegra Cole (played by Amber Valletta), who has just broken up with another man. The scandal that was all over the tabloids. Albert wants Hitch's help to get her to notice him. And Albert isn't your stereotypical ladies man with his large waistline -- impressing a beautiful, rich lady is going to be a tall order. Nonetheless, Hitch accepts.

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The rest of the movie pretty much plays out to expectations. Hitch is successful in getting Allegra to notice Albert, and in the meantime, the Date Doctor falls in love with a woman of his own. Sara is his opposite when it comes to love: She is cynical and rarely gives a man a chance. Hitch tries to play his game to get her but ends up charming her when everything goes wrong.

The plot thickens when Sara discovers his secret profession, then goes to the tabloids that she works for with his identity and his work on Albert's relationship. Both couples are on the rocks at this point, but fear not, the movie's typical twists make everything work out in the end.

Despite the formula the movie follows, it still touches on important issues regarding human relationships. It delves into how difficult it is for men to impress a woman in today's society, and that more often than not it requires some sugar-coating to get things right. The mere fact that Albert can get Allegra is inspiration for imperfect men everywhere -- and vice versa.

This is a feel-good movie that has a lot of charm, thanks in a large part to Will Smith. Despite the rigid formula it follows and the differences between each side of the two couples, it still hits the mark and is pleasing. Definitely something to rent for a dinner and a movie with your significant other.

Editor's note: This review originally appeared on OMGN's former sister site FlickZone on Feb. 16, 2005.



JCXanirus - Apr. 16, 2012 at 10:04:08pm

"You can't stop it...*scuttle scuttle* you can't stop it....."

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