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One for the Money (2012) Review

Review; Mar. 7, 2012; Channels: Movies; By Charles Rector

There are Hollywood stars out there whose behavior and/or viewpoints cause film critics to froth like rabid dogs. Movie reviews read like personal attacks and give the movie in question short shrift. One such actress to attract this kind of hatred is Katherine Heigl, and the movie unfairly maligned is her latest effort, the 2012 comedy-mystery One for the Money.

One for the Money

According to Bill Gibron of, "Fans of the former Grey's Anatomy star needn't worry -- Katherine Heigl's self-guided descent into career irrelevance continues unabated." Roger Moore of the Winston-Salem Journal accused Heigl of engaging in a fictitious reality TV show called "Smart Women, Stupid Choices." Both of these critics appeared more interested in attacking Heigl instead of critiquing the movie.

Why such vitriol? According to Christian Toto on the Big Hollywood website, Heigl committed the alleged cardinal sin of "trash[ing] the movie that started her big screen career, Knocked Up, and caused a ruckus on the set of her ABC hit series by pulling herself out of the Emmy competition because she didn’t think she was given award-winning material." Basically, Toto accused Heigl of having a "big mouth."

One thing that really seemed to get the critics steamed was the number of females involved in One for the Money. Heigl not only starred, but she put up her own money to gain the film rights to the bounty hunter character of Stephanie Plum created by Janet Evanovich. As lead actress and executive producer, Heigl saw to it that the director was Julie Anne Robinson and the screenwriters were Liz Brixius, Karen Ray, and Stacy Sherman. Clearly, some critics cannot stand the idea of gals making their own movies.

One for the Money Stills
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Stephanie Plum is the female bounty hunter created by Janet Evanovich in a series of 18 comedy mystery novels. Unlike other female bounty hunter characters, Plum is not a martial arts type nor is she especially efficient. Plum is actually incompetent -- so much so that she needs the help of a number of supporting characters, many of whom are strong males. Needless to say, Plum is hardly what you would call a feminist heroine.

One for the Money is a comedy-mystery flick about a recently divorced woman who has lost her job selling women's underwear at a department store. Desperate for employment, she tries her hand in the bounty hunter racket working for one of her cousins. With the help of some strong male characters, she is able to become slightly more proficient in her new profession while getting her man.

One for the Money is the best movie of 2012 thus far, although that may well be because of the almost uniformly awful films that have been released lately. This is a light, enjoyable show that was well-produced, directed, and generally well-acted. The cinematography is well above average. In short, despite whatever deficiencies Heigl may have in her personal life, One for the Money is a mystery flick that you will not want to miss.


darkstar2380 - Mar. 8, 2012 at 9:43:58am

For those keeping score, It's far more likely that this film was shit, like pretty much every critic in the country suggested, than it was that they were all frothing at the mouth to in a vain attempt wreck the career of an actress whose career was already wrecked. Charles, you can like a bad movie - hell, you can give us a massive list of reasons you liked it - but throwing other reviews in our face and saying "These guys are wrong because they're mean and they don't like Katherine Heigle" actually weakens your case.

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