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Tetris Friends Review

Review; Aug. 28, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By David Telfer
Multiplayer Tetris madness puts a new spin on an old game

Tetris Friends, or How To Lose Friends By Playing Tetris Together, is, on the one hand, a harmless multiplayer reboot of the classic Tetris — a game we all know, love, and respect. Place blocks in rows to score points; fill a line with blocks and you clear that row, scoring more points. It’s a simple system, a simple game, but simply outstanding and everlasting.

On the other hand — the hand clenched and ready to punch you in the face — it’s no different from an intense death match in an FPS, or a PvP battle in an MMORPG, or the final match in a beat-em-up tournament. All friendships are cast aside, and any notion or meaning of the word comrade are thrown out the window in favor of one goal: win. To win at Tetris Friends, you simply have to be the last one playing. However, you also simply have to survive an onslaught of abilities and randomly placed blocks spawned by your opponents. It’s simply maddening.

What Tetris Friends introduces is a multiplayer battle element to the game. Clear rows, and you get abilities that you can use to hinder your opponents or aid your own game. It’s reminiscent of games such as Puzzle Bobble (Bust-a-Move) and Columns, the only real difference being the number of players involved. Depending on your game mode choice, you can play up to 5 other players, all with the same abilities and block orders as yourself. Or, alternately, you can choose from the single player options, including the original Gameboy version of Tetris. No matter which mode you choose, you earn coins. These are used to purchase new skins and backgrounds, which adds a nice little bonus for gamers who like to fully collect/unlock everything in a game.

The game itself was created by Tetris Online, Inc., making it the only official Flash version made by the Tetris company, and it’s completely free to play. Setting up an account is effortless, and the website boasts few lag issues. It’s smooth, easy to pick up, and yet impossible to put down, the way a modern reboot to the classic Tetris game should be. Simple.


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