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iSketch Review

Review; Jul. 29, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By David Telfer
Drawing has never been so fun!

In Pictionary, you draw something and the other players have to guess what it is. The more people who guess it, the more points you get, so naturally you want to draw well, all the while resisting that all-consuming desire to draw stupid, ridiculously crude pictures -- or yell out what it is you're attempting to convey in exasperation.


Introducing iSketch. It's played in much the same fashion -- you set the topic, you get a word/phrase/title, and then you attempt to draw it. You can give the other players hints by revealing up to the first two letters of each word, but other than that, it's up to your art skills. When players guess part of the phrase, the computer tells them which words they guessed but hides this information from other players. Once the word is guessed by someone, everyone has a short amount of time to quickly try and guess it too before the round ends.

The obvious problem, however, with a game like this is the amount of griefing that can go on in the game. You have two chat windows -- one in which you input guesses, and another for general discussion about the subject/whatever else. One problem with the general chat window is people can type the phrase in there without it being filtered which ruins the whole point of guessing. Also the person drawing can draw anything he wants, including words, so occasionally you will find someone just typing either part of -- or the entirety of -- the phrase. Players can also potentially group up with instant messaging programs such as MSN to tell one another what they are drawing, but thankfully this doesn't happen too often. There are options to kick or ban players, but the downside is these have to be reported to game administrators. Despite these problems, the game is still vast amounts of fun.

The main difference between iSketch and Pictionary is you don't have to ignore the desire to be crude. Maybe I've just been playing with -- and influenced by -- very immature people, but everyone manages to turn their drawing into something sexual. But that's what makes iSketch so fun; you don't have to worry about it. You can draw whatever you want to try get your word across without having to worry about who's on the other end because everyone else is doing the same thing. Whether you can draw well or not it's worth playing this game; you'll spend so much time laughing at your drawings and other players' drawing that any notion of a point system will be lost. Just have fun and enjoy watching other people drawing just as badly as you.


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