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Battlefield Heroes Review

Review; Dec. 21, 2010; Channels: Video Games; By Liam Reid
Browser-based shooter is well worth the cost

Battlefield Heroes is a free online FPS that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Basically a trimmed down version of Battlefield 1942, Battlefield Heroes is browser based and completely free to play. The game is relatively simple; it consists of two teams, Royal and Nationals, which bear more than a passing resemblance to the Brits and Germans of World War II. The game mode is capture the flag -- you have to raise your flag over the other team's base. The first team to get its opponent's points to zero wins.

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There are three classes in the game: soldiers, gunners, and commandos. Commandos have the ability to go into stealth mode and use either a knife or sniper rifle to kill the enemy before he even knows it. However, any action -- be it a rifle shot or knife lunge -- will break stealth and reveal your presence to the enemy, and close quarter combat is the commando's downfall. In addition, the sniper rifle leaves a trail, so moving immediately after firing is a good idea.

The gunner class deals out and takes damage better than the two other classes and is dangerous in a close quarter environment but pretty useless at long range. His is the only class with the potential to survive an encounter with a tank.

The solider is not as effective as either, but he is important on the battlefield due to his ability to spot enemies and heal nearby friendlies. There are also tanks planes and jeeps, which are the same for both sides except for the aesthetics. The jeep is light and unarmed, but its speed and transportation capabilities make it useful to get around quickly. The tank has a large and impressive gun, which when used well, can dominate the battlefield. A passenger can ride along in the turret, but this makes him a prime target for eagle-eyed snipers. The plane is my personal favorite -- not for its combat abilities but the sheer enjoyment of using it. It takes some practice to get good at it, but the plane in good hands can strafe an entire army of enemies into oblivion. The plane can also carry passengers on the wing who can parachute down onto enemy positions. The classic battlefield problem is ever-present here in that people run for the vehicles and drive off without waiting for passengers or hop in the plane only to fly a few feet, crash into a tree, and die in a fireball.

this flying lark aint as easy as you might thinkThis flying lark aint as easy as it looks.

The game features emotes for communicating, such as “I need a ride,” “Wave,” and “I need a medic.” As you progress in the game, you earn valor points that can be used to buy weapons and clothes, though the prices are high to encourage the player to use the game's other currency system in which the player has to shell out real money for battlefield points. The game's match-finding system is a double edged sword: It adds you to a match of players of a similar level, though frequently you have to wait in a queue to get in. If you add a friend in-game, you can also choose to join a game he or she is in. If you are in a clan, you can choose to rent a server from EA.

Overall, Battlefield Heroes a very enjoyable game -- the rich colors and cartoon-y graphics make for a nostalgic look back to the earlier, purer days of gaming. Most of all: It's free! if you haven't played it, what have you got to lose? Give it a go!

"tanks for playing!"Tanks for playing.


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