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E3 2011: Otomedius Excellent Impressions

Feature; Jun. 12, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
Subtypes: Opinion, Preview
This Gradius-like game shows more anime skin than you can imagine
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Konami deployed Otomedius Excellent to Japan in November 2008. The arcade shooter was playable at the Microsoft booth at E3, and I got some time with it.

Otomedius Excellent

Otomedius Excellent is inspired by Gradius. It's been available in Japan for quite some time, and Konami has decided to release the game this July 19. The first thing I noticed -- of course! -- about Otomedius Excellent were the anime women in the game. You must choose a pilot for your ship from the roster of women, and some are wearing things that don't belong in a spaceship. I mean, seriously, some of the outfits were just too revealing.

It's a bit like modern fighting games, such as Mortal Kombat and the Dead or Alive series. Do you seriously think a woman would be wearing a scantily-clad outfit while going into battle, be it fighting hand-to-hand or piloting a ship against countless enemies? No! But nonetheless, the core demographic of young men will be pleased with the visuals of this game.

Gratuitous Women

You wish you could click this image for more visuals, don't you?

Anime women aside, the game plays like you would expect a Gradius-type game to play. You can choose your ship and weapon types and fly from left to right, battling hordes of enemy monsters, ships, and anything else you can imagine. As you defeat enemies, you'll be able to power up your offensive and defensive capabilities, allowing you to tackle the increasing numbers and power of enemies with more ease than your original configuration would allow. The graphics in the game are also quite good, making me happy to see Gradius game play look that good.

When you activate some power ups, the screen will show an animation of your pilot activating the power. There was one time in particular I caught my pilot's ample bosom bouncing as she pointed. Ahh, nothing like catering to the lowest-common denominator, is there? I thought that was the worst of it I'd see until I encountered an enemy with under-boob. Yes, one of my opponents had under-boob showing. Seriously?!

Ludicrous Underboob

All right, the game was fun. I'll give it that. I've always held a fondness for Gradius and the games that were inspired by it. I suppose I can't really complain either about the game being chock-full of anime-style women wearing outfits that no sane person would ever wear in a combative situation. I just found it comical. Otomedius Excellent comes out on the Xbox 360 July 19, and it is indeed fun.


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