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E3 2011: Take Shape First Impressions

Feature; Jun. 11, 2011; Channels: Video Games; By Robert F. Ludwick
Subtypes: Opinion, Preview
Finally, a game in which you can create shapes with your body... Wait... This has been done before...
Los Angeles, CA, USA

Take Shape is a Kinect-enabled game coming Oct. 15 from Majesco. In the game, the player will attempt to form his body into shapes represented on the screen in a variety of methods: filling a shape, mimicking a shape and even teaming up with a partner to create even more complex shapes.

Take Shape Screenshots
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Take Shape's menu's are controlled by moving your body to the menu option you want to select. Actually, your body is used to control everything about the game, including the actual game play. The body movements seemed intuitive, but I don't know for sure because I wasn't able to demo the game myself; I could only observe. One game mode requires the user to fill shapes to destroy them, much like you would destroy gems in games like Bejeweled in order to bring more gems from above raining down.

There are also multiplayer modes in which you'll need more than one person to accomplish a particular shape. One game mode demoed involved two players trying to fill a complex shape as fast as possible to generate as many points as possible. There were about 10 shapes in total to fill.

Honestly, I wasn't really impressed at all. There will reportedly be a Mario Party-like mode when the game launches, but aside from a bit of fun here and there when people come over, I can't see this game garnering much screen time. It's fun for a bit, but may be forgettable.

Take Shape will be a full commercial disc release and can be purchased as of Oct. 15.


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