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Jul. 14, 2015; By Charles Rector

RPG Now is an online storefront that specializes in RPG's made by independent outfits who are not affiliated with the big companies.

The RPG Site

Jul. 14, 2015; By Charles Rector

The RPG Site is a place that runs many News, Reviews and Articles dealing with RPG's, primarily of the offline variety.  It also has a great may links  to pieces about RPG's and has a very well attended forum.

RPG Geek

Jul. 14, 2015; By Charles Rector

RPG Geek is a news and resources covering the RPG scene with an emphasis on offline RPG's.  Features include a heavily attended forum.

Jul. 14, 2015; By Charles Rector is a comprehensive directory of links to RPG content around the web.  The website itself also includes a newsletter, news and reviews of the RPG scene.  Oddly enough, little of its content relates to online RPG's.

Internet History Sourcebook Project

Jul. 13, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Internet History Sourcebook Project is a place that is just chock full of links to primary source materials for the study of History.

2015 Digital Kids Summit Press Release

Jul. 10, 2015; By Charles Rector

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the Digital Kids Summit, the leading event for kids game development, taking place September 9-10, 2015 in San Francisco at the Children’s Creativity Museum. DKS is the only event on the west coast focused on children's digital media - covering both the entertainment and learning markets.  DKS is a single-track, 2-day event limited to 220 guests, that guarantees great networking. We...

Warden's Keep

Jul. 9, 2015; By Charles Rector

 Warden's Keep is the website of up and coming science fiction novelist G.K. Masterson.

Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying Fansite

Jul. 8, 2015; By Charles Rector

Pete's RuneQuest & Roleplaying Fansite is celebrating its 19th year of existence.  During this time it has consistently been the leading fansite devoted to the popular RPG known as RuneQuest.

Astrobotic Technology Press Release: Partnership with NASA

Jul. 7, 2015; By Charles Rector

For Immediate ReleaseContact: Jackie    Astrobotic and NASA Partnership Develop Software and Trajectory for Griffin Lander  Astrobotic’s Pathway to the Moon Verified by NASA “Gold Standard” Simulation Tools July 7, 2015 Pittsburgh, PA – Astrobotic Technology, in partnership with NASA under the Lunar CATALYST initiative, has developed a...

The Noisy Rogue

Jul. 5, 2015; By Charles Rector

Although infrequently updated, The Noisy Rogue offers insightful and in-depth commentary on the gaming scene along with other topics such as the state of science fiction.

Gaming Blend

Jul. 5, 2015; By Charles Rector

Gaming Blend is the games oriented subdomain of the Cinema Blend movie news & reviews website.  

Patrick May

Jul. 5, 2015; By Charles Rector

Patrick May is a blogger who posts well written and equally well reasoned writings about science fiction books and short fiction.

Attack on Gaming

Jul. 5, 2015; By Charles Rector

Despite its name, Attack on Gaming is actually a website that is very much pro-gaming and pro-gamer.  Features include a Media Watch that offers incisive commentary on gaming press bias and clueless gaming coverage.

This Way to Texas

Jul. 4, 2015; By Charles Rector

This Way to Texas is the blog of Lou Antonelli, one of the very best short story writers in all of science fiction.

On Being Deliberately Offensive

Jul. 4, 2015; By Charles Rector

A miracle has happened.  The Escapist webzine has published something genuinely interesting.  Ben Croshaw's article "On Being Deliberately Offensive is about people being upset that such video games as Hatred are offensive when the whole point of the game is to be offensive.


Jul. 4, 2015; By Charles Rector

Deadpit is the foremost Internet resource for horror flick fans.  Features include reviews of horror flicks both well known and obscure as well as fan commentaries, an Internet radio show as well as the best podcast of any genre to be found on the World Wide Web.

Wag the Fox

Jul. 4, 2015; By Charles Rector

Wag the Fox is a blog by Geff Fox that reviews and rates recently published dark fiction as well as interviews the authors of these works.

The Incomparable

Jul. 3, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Incomparable is the absolute best fan podcast relating to science fiction and related genres.  It also has some of the best latter day Internet Radio Drama to be found today.

Confiscation Without Law

Jul. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

In America, you are supposed to be innocent before proven guilty.  However, all too often, if law enforcement coverts your property, they can take it away from without even so much as any proof of your wrongdoing.  For instance, in New Mexico, a young black man named Joseph Rivers was robbed of $16,000 by agents of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration.

Cyberpunk, RPG's & the Internet

Jul. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

Boing Boing recently ran a report on how the sci-fi subgenre known as "cyberpunk," the gaming ganre known as role playing games and clueless law enforcement all came together with the emerging Internet to further human freedom.  

Home Brewed Morphine?

Jul. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

If you thought thatthe illegal drug problem could not get even worse, its about to if this NPR report on Home Brewed Morphine is accurate.

Storm Knights

Jun. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector

Storm Knights is perhaps the ultimate online resource for the long running Torg RPG.

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog

Jun. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector

Jeffro's Space Gaming Blog is an outstand resource for fans of fantasy and science fiction themed games of both the offline and online varieties.

Lou Antonelli

Jun. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector

Lou Antonelli is one of the more unjustly obscure science fiction writers around.  His website has a number of links to short stories that he has written that you can read for free.

Feels & Reals

Jun. 27, 2015; By Charles Rector

Feels & Reals is an outstanding blog & resource concerning both Political Correctness and the whole rotten Social Justice Warrior mentality.

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