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Eric Reed Mysteries

Aug. 6, 2015; By Charles Rector

Eric Reed Mysteries is a brand new mystery novel review blog by Eric Mayer & Mary Reed who have announced that they will begin writing mystery novels together under the pseudonym of "Eric Reed."  

Lizard's Gaming Blog

Aug. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

Lizard's Gaming Blog   is a place that has quite a bit of interesting content related to RPG's.

MMO Culture

Aug. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

MMO Culture is a website covering MMO games with a focus on non-American works.

Ten Ton Hammer

Aug. 2, 2015; By Charles Rector

Ten Ton Hammer is a generic website featuring news and reviews as well as a discussion forum covering Massively Multiplayer Online Games.  Nothing special here.


Jul. 26, 2015; By Charles Rector

Gameranx is a news and reviews website covering video games.

Jul. 25, 2015; By Charles Rector is a leading website devoted to the study of the Middle Ages.  

Electronic Sports League

Jul. 25, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Electronic Sports League is the leading pro eSports league in Europe.

Diane Clark Remembered

Jul. 25, 2015; By Charles Rector

Diane Clark Obituary I just found out that last month my 9th Grade English teacher Miss Diane Clark passed away. You are not supposed to write anything bad about people after they die, but she was such a piece of work, I'm going to write the truth about her anyways. Miss Clark was one of those persons who give public school teachers a bad name with her outrageous petting.. For instance, on a 10 point Short Answer on a test, let's say 2 students...

Medieval Games Under Attack

Jul. 25, 2015; By Charles Rector

National Review Online has an article that is a must-read for any gamer.  It is about a Politically Correct attack on Medieval themed video games.

Movie Review: The Gallows (2015)

Jul. 24, 2015; By Charles Rector

f there is a book that needs to be written, it is The Decline and Fall of Horror Movies. Back in the day, horror movies were every bit as well made as movies in other genres. The acting talent that was associated with horror movies was every bit as good as that in other kinds of movies. Even today, the names of Jamie Lee Curtis, Peter Cushing , Boris Karloff, Christopher Lee, Peter Lorre, Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Barbara Steele are revered...


Jul. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector

Alesmiter is a scholarly blog devoted to RPG's, especially those with a historical bent.  Features include an in-depth Appendix of Historical works as well as some helpful utilities.

Wayne's Books RPG Reference

Jul. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector

Waynes Books RPG Reference is perhaps the No. #1 source for RPG related books on the Internet.  It also does a brisk business as an Amazon seller.

Topless Robot

Jul. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector

Topless Robot is a website that is chock full of sci-fi related stuff including material about subjects ranging from Hollywood to gaming.

Weird Realm

Jul. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector

Weird Realm is a website devoted to stuff that is generally considered weird or strange.  One of its main focuses is on RPG's, especially the tabletop variety.

Chivalry & Sorcery RPG Fan Site

Jul. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector

Chivalry & Sorcery RPG Fan Site is a major forum devoted to the great tabletop RPG of Chivalry & Sorcery that many hard core gamers consider to be the best game of its type ever made.

Jul. 19, 2015; By Charles Rector provides free forums that are being used by a growing number of online games as well as online gaming oriented websites.

MBA Polymers Press Release July 14 2015

Jul. 17, 2015; By Charles Rector

Source: : MBA Polymers' appoints its former CEO and its founder to continue its growth On July 13, Richard McCombs returned as MBA’s CEO and Dr. Mike Biddle, MBA’s founder, will return in a consulting role. Mr. McCombs and Dr. Biddle had successfully built three commercial scale facilities and are both looking forward to further...

MBA Polymers

Jul. 17, 2015; By Charles Rector

MBA Polymers is the leading force in the oft-neglected areas of recyling plastics and electronic parts.  

Speakers List Digital Kids Summit

Jul. 16, 2015; By Charles Rector

We are excited to announce our first 26 speakers for Digital Kids Summit taking place September 9-10, 2015 in San Francisco at the Children’s Creativity Museum. Digital Kids Summit is the only location where you’ll find experts sharing what you need-to-know to create and monetize best-selling kids games, apps and digital media services. These markets are changing rapidly, with lines blurring now more than...

The Forge Archives

Jul. 15, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Forge Archives is the read-only archival message boards containing old posts relating to independent RPG's.  

The Forge

Jul. 15, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Forge is a forum devoted to the discussion of new independent RPG's and materials related to these games that are not made by the big companies.  The Forge also runs a great deal of original articles and reviews relating to these games.

Deeper in the Game

Jul. 15, 2015; By Charles Rector

Deeper in the Game is a Politically Correct blog focusing on tabletop RPG's.  Although its author seems obsessed about weeding out all Politically Incorrect thought out of gaming and fandom, there is still a strong amount of good stuff to make wading through his posts worthwhile.


Jul. 15, 2015; By Charles Rector

GROGNARDIA is a blog by James Maliszewski who is both a long time layer of Dungeons & Dragons as well as an established authority on that subject.  Although the blog has not been updated for nearly 3 years, there is a lot of interesting material on it.

The Penultimate Blog

Jul. 15, 2015; By Charles Rector

The Penultimate Blog focuses on tabletop RPG's.  The posts tend to be lengthy, scholarly pieces about medieval history, RPG reviews and reviews of RPG related products.  The blog's only drawback is that it is rarely updated..  

Winter War

Jul. 14, 2015; By Charles Rector

Winter War is the longest running independent war gaming convention in the Midwest.  It is held either in late January or early February every year in Champaign, IL.

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