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We Make Zines

Jan. 3, 2015; By Charles Rector

We Make Zines at  is an outstanding resource for anyone who wants to create/publish their own magazines, especially those of the online variety.  It is also a place that caters to folks who just want to read zines.  It is highly informative with one of its best features being a well attended not to mention well moderated forum.

OMGN's Archive Makes for Great Reading

Jan. 3, 2015; By Charles Rector

OMGN's archive at contains a lot so interesting stuff relating to the history and development of online gaming, especially as it relates to browser based gaming.  If you have any free time and don't know what to do with it, it would be worth your while to check it out.

Democracy 3: Clones & Drones Press Release

Oct. 31, 2014; By Charles Rector

The population of earth is predicted to hit 9 billion in 2040, up from 7 billion today. Climate change threatens the food supply on which those 9 billion will depend. Meanwhile Technological growth threatens to put tens or even hundreds of millions out of work, and an over-use of antibiotics means we may soon see widespread resistance to them and a resurgence of once forgotten diseases. Combine this with a stock market now increasingly...

New Games at Circus Maximus

Oct. 26, 2014; By Charles Rector

Message________________________________________________________________________1. 2 New Games at    Posted by: "syythlord" syythlord    Date: Thu Oct 23, 2014 12:12 pm ((PDT))Hello All. We have 2 new games launching right now.No Frills 133 is your basic default VGAP game. Game runs 3 times a week until turn 25, then twice a week or when all turns are in. Game is...

Positech Games Press Release

Oct. 16, 2014; By Charles Rector

There is a lot going on in positech games land these days. We are still working away hard on Gratuitous Space Battles 2, with new ships going in, new visual effects and some new modules such as combat tractor beams, tracver limpets and evidenced by the screenshot below... And you may want to check out our latest developer blog video which goes through some recent improvemenmts and tweaks to the game... ...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #44

Sep. 24, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Players, THE GREAT DIVERGENCE IS COMING!!! The most recent draft round has come to a close; the wormholes have collapsed in on themselves and the traders have left the galaxy in search of more lucrative deals and the next great adventure. The administrative gods have also had time to reflect on the past carnage and have decided to implement some significant changes. Many a grizzled veteran has felt the nostalgic tug of days gone by,...

Astro Empires Newsletter

Aug. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector

         Tutorial RewardsThe game tutorial missions now gives credits rewards.This is a good opportunity to start playing the recent released Astro Empires v2!          Share this newsletter:          

Pardus News

Aug. 9, 2014; By Charles Rector 2013 has been an eventful year for Pardus. We introduced many new features, among others:Permissions and Contacts as the first feature to be decided via community poll, allowing fine-grained control over the access to one's services.Alliance Territory as the second feature that was voted for, providing alliances with new goals and benefits.Implementation of popular scripts, lowering the dependence on user scripts...

The Goreletter February 2014

Aug. 6, 2014; By Charles Rector

  Home     Faq     Contact    The Goreletter:Michael Arnzen's Weird Newsletter  Can't view Email? View Online   The Goreletter #9.1  |  February 2014     AND THE WINNER IS...    BLATHERBlather. Wince. Repeat.IN MEMORIAMIt's award season in all the media -- from the Grammys to the Oscars -- and...

The RPG Bros

Aug. 2, 2014; By Charles Rector

The RPG Bros is a fairly new RPG game news and review website that shows a lot of promisr.

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #42

Jul. 18, 2014; By Charles Rector

Greetings and salutations we hope this message finds you well. It is once again time for the Space Merchant Realms summer draft round. Two teams enter one team emerges victorious. Will you be the all-star drafted towards the top or be the sleeper in the late rounds coming out of obscurity to help push your team across the finish line? Last summer's draft round was filled with intense action as the two opposing sides clashed non-stop in...

Space Merchant Realms News letter #43

Jul. 18, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Players, The next exciting installment of SMR games is upon us! This is Round 82 aptly named Wormhole Wonderland because of the multitude of warps within the game. This round is a draft game as well with the draft leaders being Rain and Storm. The draft will occur Friday evening USA time at 9pm Eastern Time which is 19/7/2014 3:00AM game time. The draft will occur in #smr like always. You will need to join the game before the draft...

IGDA Insider July 2014

Jul. 7, 2014; By Charles Rector

Home   Join   About   Contact           MS in Computer Game Development Take your game development career to new levels with our multidisciplinary Master's program.   IGDA Board Talk — Ed Fries on Community and Change IGDA This month’s IGDA Board talk features Ed Fries talking about how the industry has changed since his industry career began in 1982. The...

Democracy 3 IPAD Press Release

Jun. 27, 2014; By Charles Rector

Positech Games releases Democracy 3... ON IPAD!! Behold this thrilling screenshot of the app store page...At long last our political strategy game is now released on apples ultra-trendy tablet! You can now control the lives of your electorate simply by the gentle swipe of your fingers from the comfort of your sofa/sunlounger/yacht. Democracy 3 is $9.99 on ipad and you can grab it here:

The Goreletter June 2014

Jun. 25, 2014; By Charles Rector

  Home     Faq     Contact    The Goreletter:Michael Arnzen's Weird Newsletter  Can't view Email? View Online   The Goreletter #9.3  |  June 2014     Friday the 13th, Part 43: Jason Finally Learns Hockey    BLATHERBlather. Wince. Repeat.TAXIDERMY POSES I'D LIKE TO SEEEarless Giraffe ducking...

IGDA Insider

Jun. 9, 2014; By Charles Rector

IGDA Women in Games SIG highlights Lisette Titre-Montgomery IGDA To celebrate and highlight women in game development, the IGDA WIG SIG posts monthly profiles of the sung and unsung women of game development, from veterans to fresh faces. Meet Lisette Tritre-Montgomery, the WIG Highlight for June! Trite-Montgomery is a Bay Area art lead currently working on the upcoming Sims 4. She has been a keynote speaker at NASA, Intel, and the San...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #41

Jun. 8, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Player, Another exciting round is set to start this weekend in SMR! This round will be a King of the Hill type round. What does that mean you ask? A King of the Hill round is where the largest planet type is set up in a cluster in the center of a neutral galaxy. On the outside of the neutral galaxy you will find smaller planet clusters with smaller planetary sizes. This can be used as a staging point before attacking the cluster of...

Democracy 3 Press Release

May. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector

Positech Games releases EXTREMISM, the new expansion pack for Democracy 3... Are you tired of just adjusting income tax and nudging public spending up or down a few percentage points? Do you crave more extreme options for reshaping society? How many of you socialists would like a punitive wealth tax or a ban on second homes? Do environmentalists want car-free cities and a ban on air travel? And surely some of you patriots want schoolkids...

New Project

May. 10, 2014; By Charles Rector

As you may have noticed, I have not been spending much time here lately.  That's because I have a new project that is tentatively titled Historica:  The Webzine of History & Fiction.  As the name implies, this is a webzine that will be about Historical fact & fiction.  As of now, it will be published using the Press Publisher system starting hopefully in July of this year.

Grid Auto Sport Due Out June 27th

Apr. 27, 2014; By Charles Rector

For more info:  Grid AutoSport

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #40

Apr. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Player, The council has held its final session and a new traditional game is set to begin this weekend! Several veterans returned to the fray to duke it out in our latest bridge battle, setting the stage for what looks like an action-packed round ahead. Come reunite with your old friends as they get caught up in the tangled webs of our next map - Arachnopohobia - featuring 4 racial pairings, 2 neutrals and 3 planet galaxies. Alliance sizes...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #39

Apr. 14, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Player, With the holidays behind us and another round coming to a close, we're crossing a new bridge to a somewhat unique council concept game. The new round "Bridge Battle" features a draft-style map and two teams fighting it out for supremacy. The twist? Teams will be chosen by a council made up of a combination of admins and current players! Come test out last round's ship changes in what promises to be an intense clash (see changes for...

Space Merchant Realms Newsletter #38

Apr. 13, 2014; By Charles Rector

Dear Player, The holidays are upon us and the presents are coming early – it's time for a unique, new round! This next map, Racial Evolution (see "final" map below), promises to be quite unlike anything you've seen, with dynamic components and a living, breathing layout that will evolve as the game progresses. Trapped in a racial pairing to start, the walls of space begin to crumble before your eyes, opening new paths to your...


Apr. 9, 2014; By Charles Rector

On January 14th, I suffered an accident on an icy parking lot and got rushed to an Emergency Room.  I was diagnosed as being Diabetic and spent 36 days, first in the hospital and then in an "assisted living center".  At those 2 places, I lost 33 pounds due to the paltry food and the near complete lack of meat in the so-called meals that I was served.  Only now do I feel like making a come back. While at these alleged centers of...


Jan. 2, 2014; By Charles Rector

For far too long, I've been recharging my batteries and now I'm returning for good gaming related stuff for all your reading pleasure.

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