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Blast from the Past in Space Merchant Realms

Charles Rector's Weblog; Oct. 25, 2015; By Charles Rector
Type: Commentary

Undated narrative from the website if the since defunct Crusader's Alliance in the game of Space Merchant Realms:

Salzik Turf War Breaks Out, part I


A series of skirmishes between two alliances have been reported in the

Salzik galaxy. 


Late last week four members of the Crusaders swept into the Salzik

galaxy and seized control of one of the several planets belonging to the

Lords of Melnibone.  According to a source inside the Salzik galactic

network, One LOM member attempted to defend the planet as it was being

  1. The LOM defender was able to kill one of the Crusaders, but was

killed then when he attempted to drive off the others.


Ultimately, the planet was taken by the Crusaders, who hastily built up

defenses around it.  There was 28 million in cash bonded in the

planetary vault with 5 hrs left on the timer, and three of the four Crusaders

chose to wait it out, try to make off with the money before LOM

gathered for a counter-attack.


Six hours later, when LOM members arrived at the planet and blasted thru

it's defenses, they found and killed a lone Crusader landed on it's

  1. The vault was empty, however and a final tally showed that 32 million had

been taken.


The following day, members of Crusaders returned and reclaimed the

planet once again.  This time, they fortified the area around with mines

and aside from some deliberate mine-clearing on the part of LOM, no other

activity was reported.


On the third day, both Crusader and Lords of Melnibone members were spotted in the

vacinity of the planet.  Two Crusaders took pot-shots at two different LOM

planets in the area.  A LOM member went to defend one of the planets,

and while he was able to kill one of the Crusaders, he was also killed

in the process.  That brings the death count to 2 for Lords of Melnibone

and 3 for the Crusaders.


This type of territorial skirmishing is typical in the Salzik galaxy,

where federal law and order is rarely imposed, and it appears that the

recent violence may only be the beginning in the struggle between these two



Salzik Turf War, part 2


Violence continues in the Salzik galaxy between the Lords of Melnibone and the Crusaders.  Just days after taking control of the Lords of Melnibone planet and after random fighting with LoM members, three Crusaders reportedly siezed another LOM planet, this time losing only one member to the planet's fearsome guns.  The following day, two LOM members were spotted patrolling Salzik, clearing mines and placing forces of their own in the area, when they were ambushed by a lone Crusader.  Witnesses say both Lords of Melnibone ships were lost in the attack, and the Crusader ship was also destroyed. 


Two days later, the Crusaders attacked yet another LoM planet.  This time, several of the Lords of Melnibone came to defend the planet, despite the LoM alliance having suffered casualties in a brutal battle with another alliance just prior to the Crusaders' attack.  A brief skirmish then ensued across the Salzik galaxy in which 3 Crusaders and 2 LoMs were killed.  This brings the total count to 8 Crusaders and 6 Lords of Melnibone deaths since the start of this turf war over planetary space.  Federation authorities seem powerless to put a stop to the ongoing situation, and it is this reporter's opinion that the end is not in sight.




Salzik Turf War, Part 3


Events in the Salzik turf war continue to escalate.  Up until last week, the Crusaders had held their own against the Lords of Melnibone, keeping their planets for the moment.


And just as it seemed certain that the LoM would return at any moment for a counterstrike, war broke out in Doriath which forced the LoM attention away from Salzik.  This gave the Crusaders a few precious days to build up planetary defenses, but the peace was short-lived.  According to witnesses, early one morning 8 members of Dark Coalition came and attacked their planet, killing 5 Crusaders.  Such a blow might have crushed a lesser alliance, but within days, however, a steadfast group of 8 Crusaders rallied to take back the planet they had lost to Dark Coalition.  No Coalition deaths were reported in the action.


Meanwhile, an error storm last week put an interesting spin on the continued struggle between Crusaders and Lords of Melnibone.  Observers say 2 LoM members ventured into Salzik late one night.  Alerted to their presence, 5 Crusaders in warbirds were scrambled to meet them. The two groups converged in a single sector, where combat was engaged.  Warships exchanged blast after blast, and while one Crusader ship was destroyed, it appeared that the Lords of Melnibone ships were literally seconds from being destroyed at the hands of the Crusaders. 


Suddenly, an error storm swept thru the galaxies, disabling all ships and effectively calling a stop to the battle.  For several hours, witnesses say, the ships remained motionless, frozen by the mysterious storm. 


When the storm finally abated, the ships remained fixed and quiet in the sector. Working quickly, other Crusaders in the area set up a mine field in and around the sector where the battle had raged, enclosing the combatants in a ring of danger. 


From the center of the minefield, LoM pilots in their damaged ships called for help.  Soon, 2 Lords of Melnibone ships were sighted in Salzik space. They began clearing a path to the center of the minefield, and when 2 Crusaders attempted to drive them off, their ships were destroyed by the rescue team.  The Lords of Melnibone continued to the center of the mines, placed a number of their own mines to discourage the Crusaders, and left. 


It is unknown why the 2 Lords of Melnibone ships remained at the center of the minefield, but before the ships had a chance to escape, the Crusaders were able to clear the enemy mines, and once again enclose the LoM ships inside a wide circle of mines. 


After a day of waiting, it appeared that no further help was forthcoming, so one of the LoM pilots attempted to navigate the minefield and was destroyed.  At that time a second rescue mission was dispatched from LoM bases and within hours, the second pilot was brought safely home.


Federal authorities seem unable or unwilling to intervene in this struggle.

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