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Shadow Hand Press Release

Charles Rector's Weblog; Sep. 22, 2015; By Charles Rector
Type: News

Positech Games announces...SHADOWHAND

Shadowhand is a narrative-driven card game. developed by Grey Alien Games, and to be by published by us (Positech Games). Its currently in early development, but will be playable in pre-alpha at Birminghams EGX show this month in the UK.
Set in late 18th Century England, we follow the story of Lady Darkmoor, a beguiling young aristocrat who masquerades as the notorious highwaywoman, ShadowHand. Fleeing a crime scene and forced to act under the cover of darkness, Shadowhand will stop at nothing to retrieve an incriminating family jewel, and in doing so, safeguard a woman she holds dear. Its kind of part visual novel, part collectible card game, and its going to kick highway ass. 
 For now, we have a placeholder page at and afacebook page for people to follow the games development. Stay tuned etc...
In other news... we are also dusting off our political abilitiies to do some work on an upcoming patch to Democracy 3! Yes, I know its been at least a year since we did so, but we will be adding more achievements... 
 Plus more events, a general improving of the GUI, some bug fixes and other assorted polishing, so expect an update to hit the interwebs in the next few weeks. And lets not forget that Big Pharma is out now, and getting excellent reviews, so if you haven't dipped your toe in the waters of our pharmaceutical strategy game, now would be a good time to get those conveyor belts running :D

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