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Big Pharma Press Release

Charles Rector's Weblog; Aug. 30, 2015; By Charles Rector
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From Cliff Harris:

Its getting close to Big Pharma release time!
Did you know its BIG PHARMA LAUNCH month? Oh yes, the worlds first PC cure-em-up is launched to the world on 27th August. Thats just sixteen days away! Time to start saving up the starting capital for your pharmaceutical start-up!

 Big pharma is already in beta, with lots of happy budding pharmaceutical tycoons already churning out cures and raking up big profits. Are you ready to join their ranks?
On release day BP will be available from us (as it is now) and also from Steam, probably GoG and the Humble Store. We currently are supporting only Windows during beta, and only in English, but there will be French & German versions on Windows / Linux & Mac on release day...

Of course you dont have to wait until release day, you can grab Big Pharma from us right now and get your steam key in advance, just click below (PC only for now...)

 dfgGratuitous Space Battles 2 Still getting updated...Yup, its over 3 months since we released Gratuitous Space Battles 2 to an unsuspecting galaxy, and yet we are still adding more and more features, tweaks and improvements to the game... Recent patches have added (amongst other things) vastly better shield and radiation effects, a new shield-collapse effect, Extra GUI information for comparing ship modules, Improved post-battle statistics, Custom textures and a long list of bug fixes and balance tweaks. Check out the new effects on the GSB youtube channel:

As we said before, if you are enjoying GSB2, please add a steam review to let others know about the game. And also stay tuned to our blog and website forums as we will continue to add cool stuff to the game over the next few weeks. We want to hear what you think!Fi*Big Pharma is developed by indie studio Twice Circled, and published by Positech GamPrefer Tanks to spaceships? Your lucky week, as Gratuitous Tank Battles is currently 50% off on steam here...Finally, if you are interested in hearing more about us and our games, you can check out this podcast interview with Tim about Big Pharma, and also with me talking about virtually everything here.

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